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How To Recover From a Break-Up and Feel Good about Yourself

Updated on September 29, 2010

It doesn’t matter how you broke up with your boyfriend -- you dumped him or vice versa. The most important thing is that we are totally and completely heartbroken and absolutely clueless on what to do next.

Well worry no more because this breakup survival guide provides you with tips and advice on how to how to feel good about yourself after a breakup and things to do that will make your ex jealous so you get your vengeance on your ex but in a positive way.

Feel Good Step 1

Hey Girl, go shopping! Buy a few new pieces of clothing for yourself.

Feel Good Step 2

Get high heeled sandals the ones that are smoking; hot-and-eye-catching (at least 3 inches high)

Feel Good Step 3

Get a new haircut. Find an extremely outrageous beauty parlor or hair-salon, have some highlights..

Get a makeover.. Look like the most sexiest of yourself you have ever seen.(Girl you’ve already started to feel better) so that the next time when your ex see’s you ,he is going to see, an extremely NEW YOU, that he can know that he is an ahole, and you are so so beautiful and he lost you now, that you were his someday and he did not know your worth and now he should be regretful.. Indeed! This would be some sort of payback.

Get a makeover
Get a makeover

Feel Good Step 4

Call a female friend so that you can talk about how much you miss your ex, and this friend can remind you of all the times he pissed you off, admitting that she never thought that he was nice or attractive, that you could do so much better, that he was cheap, that he had a strange smell, et cetera. This step is best accomplished with a mediocre friend as opposed to a best friend, in case ..............boyfriend reconciliation.

Feel Good Step 5

Call male friends so that you can be reminded of how desirable you are. Do not actually fool around with these friends. You’ll need them around for several months following your breakup.

Hang out with friends.
Hang out with friends.

Feel Good Step 6

Go out with your female friends for a movie/pizza/coffee or any other happening place in the city, that you can again feel the world full of tarts, that you can feel beautiful and desirable. Obviously after a makeover you are looking like a doll.

Box filled with variety of chocolates
Box filled with variety of chocolates

Feel Good Step 7

Buy a box of tremendously expensive chocolates filed with different types of dry-fruits, nuts and eat the entire box.


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    • sunkentreasure profile image


      7 years ago from RUIMSIG, SOUTH AFRICA


      Kindness is the most

      beautiful jewel in the world.

      Love means having consideration

      for each other.

      The seeds you sow today

      will be your fruit of tomorrow.

      Fill your day with prayer

      and your life with blessings.

      Happiness is contentment

      from within.

      Find a dream to follow

      that will stimulate your mind.

      Make laughter your partner

      through life.

      Be prepared to fight

      for what you want or believe in.

      Remember - every day is a new beginning.

      © Bernard Levine

    • profile image

      katrina fajardo 

      8 years ago the way for me u need to ignore him...n think a happy hobbies you need to do.n enjoy ur self...n do all want you want ignore him all wat he done.....imagine he is only a shadow....

    • stricktlydating profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      Loving this advice! Any excuse to buy new heels ;) I'd also book a holiday, have a wild night out and delete him from my Facebook friends and mobile phone!


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