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Not So Unique Date Idea's - 10 Romantic Date Idea's For Couples

Updated on September 29, 2013

Romantic Gift Ideas

For new relationships celebrate on the same day every month for a year with a very special gift to celebrate each new month together. Use your first date anniversary to trade special gifts each year.

  • couples massage
  • romantic dinner
  • sport park night
  • naughty basket
  • trade love letters

Cute and Interesting Date Ideas

Make sure you have an arsenal of cute date ideas to keep you unforgettable and unique.. Always work to save your relationship from doom. If you are bored you are boring!

Sorry for that. But remember when you were first dating? You made it your business to research and plan events to get and keep your romance alive. Staying in a relationship is no different.

When you stop taking the time with your partner to do things together they assume you don't feel the same way. While you may but have relaxed because your in the relationship you want. That my friend, is a mistake.

Dating Advice To Avoid Dating Boredom

Don't Fall Into a Dating Rut That Can Put Your Relationship On Shaky Grounds

  • Over time this mis-communication turns into a problem you can't put your finger on. The problem is called "Your taking me for granite!". When that happens you will stop talking, sexing slow down, boredom and worse.
  • Whether your in a special relationship or married to a special someone things can become routine to say the least. Take responsibility to avoid this or stop this at all cause. Your efforts alone will help build a stronger foundation in your relationship.
  • One of the main things that can ruin a relationship in mid stride is to bore your mate too tears. Don't get me wrong keeping your relationship fresh take two but your here taking the first steps. So you make the first move. After all making a commitment involves trying everything under the sun to keep your relationship first.
  • Most people aren't proactive and allow their relationships to die slowly or meagerly exist when a cute date will suffice. The first thing you have to do to save your relationship from boredom is to make a list of dating ideas that can have you acting spontaneous and exciting your mate.

Don't think a dinner and a movie is played out. It will always be a classic. You will only have to extend onto the dinner and movie by adding something like a game of late night pool or visiting an arcade. The extras will make your evenig memorable.

Here are some ideas I came up with that you may find useful on Valentines Day if your short on funds or want to enjoy a full day with your love after your gift giving.

10 Romantic Date Ideas

  1. Walk on beach.
  2. College Play
  3. Museum
  4. Pottery Class (sexy!)
  5. Arcade
  6. Poetry Night
  7. Picnic
  8. Dinner Cruise
  9. Couples board game night.
  10. Couples movie night.

By the way when I listed couples night I suggest spicing things up by inviting other couples. When there are two or three couples the evening can be very stimulating with great conversations and a refreshing change from the norm.

Save you relationship or marriage from boredom and slowly dying by using cheap dating ideas by themselves or as a combination. Enjoy! Oh you might also want to check out this article with Gift Idea's For Her.


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