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How To Say Congratulations

Updated on October 22, 2011

There are a lot of different things in life that people feel proud of. They are proud of their graduation or masters from various levels of education or they are proud of their marriages and the births of their kids. They are proud regarding getting new jobs or going to a place where they have always desired to live.

If someone we cognize experiences one of these moments of pride, it is up to us to say them “congratulations”. What you may perhaps not realize is that there are generally many ways that we can say congratulations to our loved ones on these different events.

There are numerous ways to say someone congratulations, such as in English, congratulations, in Spanish felicidades, and in German Glückwünsche.

Even if you listed all of the modes in all of the languages to say congratulations it would not come near to ways that you can talk you happiness and support for someone else’s success. Below are some ideas to say congratulations on different occasions:

It feels really good when some one encourages you this way.
It feels really good when some one encourages you this way.

Give Them A Pat On The Back

This is the most conventional way to confer your congrats to someone but it is yet one of the best way.

Give them a pat on the back and hug them and Say congratulations.

This is practically a common way of letting them know that you are very happy for them.

Flowers are definitely the best way to touch someone's heart.
Flowers are definitely the best way to touch someone's heart.

Send Flowers

Sending flowers are not as flexible but they are much more meaningful.

Flowers are very suitable for those huge achievements in ones life, like graduation or masters or a new baby born.

Flowers are especially efficacious among females. If you wish to really say congratulations express your feelings with flowers.

Greeting cards can really make your day.
Greeting cards can really make your day.
Modern animated Ecards always hold some surprise. So choose the right one.
Modern animated Ecards always hold some surprise. So choose the right one.

Send A Congratulations Card

Cards are the unique and classic way of saying someone congratulations.

Cards can be as simple or as fancy as you feel necessary.

They can be costly or rather less price. Cards can be serious of funny.

Cards give you many options about some special way that you say congratulations.

Emails And Text Messages

In some of the cases, it is even suitable to send your congratulations through text, email messages or some social networking sites. Use your mind to determine if this is a versatile thing to do or not.

Send an Ecard

This is one of the best way to express your you feeling about some one in this modern electronic era. There are many cool websites that have a huge collection of free ecards, that you can send to say congratulation to your loved ones.

A beautifully wrapped gift is just valueless.
A beautifully wrapped gift is just valueless.

Send Them A Congratulations Gift

A gift is another best way to say someone congratulations. Gifts can be made to order to the person who is getting the congratulations.

The gift can be small or big, costly or cheaply; making them a flexible way to say congratulations. Just keep in mind to put some thoughts into the gift. It does have to be costly, only show your creativity.

You don't have to be an expert cook to make your loved ones feel special.
You don't have to be an expert cook to make your loved ones feel special.

Buy Them Something They Really Like

If you do not like the idea of giving some money then make a day for them and take them out for shopping. Someone who just gets a new job may require a new tie; someone with her new baby needs many things for her baby.

Cook Something For Them

The way many people’s hearts is via their stomachs. Make a treat like pizza or some thing sweet for someone and direct it over to them as a congratulations present.

One of the happiest occasions, so make sure you say it in the best way.
One of the happiest occasions, so make sure you say it in the best way.

Words of Congratulations for a Wedding Couple

When someone is getting married, it is significant that you bestow words of congratulations for their wedding. After all, marriage is a big step and it is thought to be the happiest day in a person’s life.

If you are sending a card or letter to the couple on their wedding day, you have many choices left in front of you. Sending a romantic or happy poem in the form of a card is one of the most beautiful and sweet way of congratulating a couple on their wedding day.

They must remember you as a best part of their married life and the words you select to congratulate them should keep in their ears for long time.


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