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How To Slow Time

Updated on March 18, 2011
Seems like just yesterday thats me on top
Seems like just yesterday thats me on top | Source


Slowing Down Time

During the current life span we now live in time has plunged forward at an alarming speed.

When we have time to reflect on our own life it seems like it’s almost over and we just started to live. My God man where did all the time go? Can we buy it back, can we will it forward?

 I guess the answer to that silly question is yes.

Once you personally feel like you are not long for this world your mind starts to shut down and all the crap you thought was so damn important kind of leaks out of the way. This leaves time to enjoy what you usually had all along a family and close friends. My description of a close friend is that special friend that you can set in a boat with for hours and don’t have to say a word to. The fact of being with someone that truly is close to you has such an aura about it that words are not needed.

This is why we have kids in our own likeness to teach the ways of the known world as we now see it. Once those kids are all grown up and have families of their own the process starts over. Do you think those kids remember a thing you tried to teach them not hardly that’s not in the cards until they figure out that all the crap they have learned is just for the time they lived in.

I have sat with a few friends on their death beds and just listened to them wanting to redo something in their lives. Usually it’s just mumble jumble speech but I know what they mean because the lesson is for you and your ears only.

Compassion is a wonderful thing that we all have in these times but just understanding is far more important and learning from the moment is where you are supposed to be.

Sometimes your friends or family members just want to unload their problems off their chest so they can die in Pease, but I don’t think this really helps your friend at all.  Now is the time for you to shine and be honest with your lifelong friend and advise them that’s this is between you and God and this will always work out.

Has time started to slow for you any? The more you begin to believe in yourself the easier it is to believe others.


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