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How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

Updated on September 19, 2011

I am asked this question a couple of dozen times a week. And I do have the answer!

I am asked this question a couple of dozen times a week. And I do have the answer!

Every guy, every single guy, has fears of being rejected by a girl he likes.

You want to get closer, kiss a little, become boyfriend-girlfriend, but how do you get there?

Does she even know you exist and have feelings for her?

I'm going to let you in on a secret, which has stood the test of time. She already knows!

Women are smart. They have great intuition. Before you've even decided in your head whether you really like her or not, she already knows that you do.

But seriously, we have to get past the game playing, don't we guys.

Enough staring at her, too much bumping elbows with her, hitting her, making fun of her just so she'll notice you. Stop passing notes, getting your friends to find out if she likes you... just stop it already!

Those are all the wrong ways to make her like you and prepare her for the big question: does she like you too.

When you want to know something, on a personal level, do you really expect Google to give you the answer? No, of course not.

So this is what you do the next time you see her:

Walk up to her and say...

"I think we have some stuff in common, want to talk later? Give me your MSN (AOL/ICQ/Email, whatever). When she gives it to you, go away. Don't hang around her and talk any more. Save whatever else you have to say for later. This is called the 30 second pick-up for guys.

Sure, it's not earth-shattering. But it is simple... and effective.

Any age, any guy, any time, any place, any girl. You'll get her contact info and can move more confidently towards dating her after a few chats or emails.

This is guaranteed to get you an answer. Guaranteed to get you noticed by her.

And the next moves are up to you.


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    • profile image

      kyle 7 years ago

      im having a problem telling a girl that i like. what do i do?

    • profile image

      Pat 9 years ago

      Geez it's harder than i thought. That might just be where i'm going wrong. My high school years i was completely ignored by girls. Or i just wait to long due to being nervous.

    • profile image

      ICQ 2 go fan 9 years ago

      Brilliant article. Easy to read and very informative.

    • R Pseudomen profile image

      Robert Lee 9 years ago from Canada

      You are right Murray.

      Take it one step at a time and don't let yourself get bogged down with self-doubt and anxiousness.

    • profile image

      Murray 9 years ago

      I know, it can be nerve wracking and stressful, but you have to be honest and just tell her. Don't put on any phony airs or the machismo stuff, just be yourself. Women are smart and cans see through that phoniness. I should know, I am in that situation now..whew, It sure Is stressful. Good Advice..just give It a shot. If you don't doit you may regret It.