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How To Tell If He Loves You: Read The Signs

Updated on November 30, 2016
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Carolee is a passionate writer with a love for learning and teaching. She is a published author, poet, blogger, and content creator.


Women have instincts, and so long as we use those instincts we can usually tell when something is off or on. With practice we can usually spot when a guy is faking it, lying, cheating and just plain dumb.

If you are in a relationship and your instincts have not been fully developed or you are confused because your instincts tell you one thing and your spouse is acting in other ways, here are some sure signs that he loves you.

A relationship is built on more than just mouth talk or sex so exclude those from the list and take notes. When a man loves you his actions will tell you so here goes.


The signs

  1. One of the first signs that a guy really cares for you is when he wants to be with you all the time. Not too clingy or jealous, but love spending time with you and he does not find excuses to stay away. It your man is always making excuses to break a date than make an excuse and dump him.
  2. Some men are kind so you have to be careful with this one but if your man offers to fix your problem instead of waiting for you to ask then you are in the company of someone who is caring. Some guys like to rescue people so you must note whether or not he is like that with everyone else or just you.
  3. A man who loves you will be unhappy when you are unhappy. He will do everything in his power to make you feel better. Some men stay away when you are facing rough times, claiming that they are giving you some space, or that they are busy. But if he loves you he will not go far even if you send him away. He will be waiting for you to call him back.
  4. He will not wait for two or three days to call you after a date. If he loves you, you will be on his mind so he will call you. A guy who is willing to spend hours on the phone talking to you when he could be in bed might be a guy worth giving a try.
  5. When a man loves you he will not want to keep his relationship a secret. If he doesn't want to date you publicly then beware of another woman or maybe he just wants sex.
  6. He will want you to meet his family. A sure sign that he is ready to commit is when he introduces you to his parents or children. If he keeps making excuses not to meet the family be wary. Don't rush him though because he could just be nervous.
  7. When the man asks you to move in with no prior hints from you. This is one sign that he is ready to commit to you.
  8. If after spending the night at your place he wants to stick around and maybe find it hard to leave then maybe you have a guy who is falling in love. The fact that he spent the entire night might also be a sign that he is falling for you.
  9. If he doesn't find excuses to take you to his place. If he is always coming to your place and keeps coming up with excuses why you can't come over to his place then maybe he has something to hide.
  10. A guy telling you he loves you doesn't mean much if he can't express it in certain ways. You the woman have to look for signs of expression such as, him wanting to touch you. He will want to hold your hands in public, he will kiss away ice cream dripping from the corner of your mouth, brush the hair out of your face, look into your eyes when you talk. All his body language will be geared towards you.

Couples who live together

Living together is no guarantee that you are in love. A man will move in with a woman for convenience but when the man asks the woman to move in with him then he wants to be with her.

  1. In addition to the points above, your spouse will do everything he can to make sure of the security of the family. He will work hard at providing and not just give up when the going gets tough.
  2. When you are both in financial trouble he stands by you and not flake out. He will make sure you are still happy by finding ways to make you laugh. He will not ignore your misery.
  3. When there is a crisis he will be strong for both of you and not run and hide or drink his misery away.
  4. He will not take his misery out on you as he realizes that you too are miserable.
  5. He still wants to have sex everyday after three years of living together
  6. He doesn't ask for alone time or space. Sometime you have to chase him out of the house to go out by himself or with friends.
  7. He still finds you sexy or beautiful after many years
  8. He still buys you little inexpensive gifts for no reason, just to make you happy.
  9. He keeps bringing up marriage even if you don't.
  10. He comes straight home from work even if you had a quarrel that morning.

Knowing if a man loves you isn't hard you just have to read the signs. Usually there is more than one sign to read so look out for them.

Sometimes the signs will just hit you and when you realize that only someone in love will do that, you will smile and feel reassured that your relationship is secure.

If you are always wondering if he loves you and you have to ask him outright, than take it as a sign that maybe he doesn't. A man in love will show it in some ways even if he is shy or reserved, you will see it, trust me.


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