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How To Tell If You're Sexually Compatible - Easy Face Reading Tips

Updated on January 24, 2012
Do love compatibility quizzes really work?
Do love compatibility quizzes really work?

Are We Compatible Quiz

We've all taken them -- love compatibility quizzes -- to see if we are with the right person or maybe to choose better next time. But did they REALLY help?

The truth is, there is more to love compatibility than some questions in a quiz. And there are also faster, easier ways to tell if your love interest or online dating interest is compatible with you. The best part? All you have to do is look at their face!

A big part of my work in teaching people how to do face reading to find romance is about helping you establish healthy, loving relationships of all kinds. With romantic connections, a big factor can be how compatible you might be romantically and sexually. If you know what to look for, there are signs in someone’s face that tell you about how strong their sex drive is, and even what their sexual “style” is likely to be.

Love Compatibility: 3 Types of Romance & Sexual Styles

  1. I Love to Flirt: This is the romantic and the poet. This person will love to have sex that is spontaneous and passionate. They could be selfish as lovers, however. If you get jealous, beware because this person loves to flirt!

    Facial Features to Look For:
    • Twinkly eyes
    • Pointy or sharp features (e.g., a pointed nose)
    • Red or very curly hair
    • Dimples
    • Men who bald from the forehead back

    Celebrity Face Example: Kate Hudson

  2. I Love to Cuddle: For this person, cuddling is the best part of sex. They may put their lover's needs before their own and they love to feel a close, deep bond with their mate. A challenge could be if they want to spoon all night and their lover doesn't!

    Facial Features to Look For:
    • Plump lower cheeks
    • Fleshy nose
    • Full lips or a large mouth

    Celebrity Face Example: Renée Zellweger

  3. I Love Sex: You can spot someone who finds sex very important and may want to have it every day. For this person, sex feels like the best way to relieve stress. It can be challenging if their partner does not have a high sex drive.

    Facial Features to Look For:
    • Big jaw
    • Full eyebrows
    • Indented temples
    • Rectangular shaped face

    Celebrity Face Example: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Face Reading: Better Than A Compatibility Test (And More Fun!)

So there's no need to determine love compatibility with a magazine quiz. Instead, the answer is written all over your face -- and all over your potential lover's face!

Face reading is easy to learn. You can sign up for my newsletter for free face reading tips, read my book, The Wisdom of Your Face or come to one of my face reading workshops.

And face reading is not just about sexual compatibility. Once you've found your soulmate and you want to focus on your career, life purpose or making that romance last forever, face reading can unlock the secrets to your success.

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