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How To Woo Any Girl And Win Her Heart Immediately

Updated on August 3, 2012

What Girls Look For In A Guy

Are you tired of getting “NO I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, NO I AM ENGAGED, NO I AM NOT INTERESTED, SORRY I’M HOOKED, PLEASE I AM NOT READY FOR ANY RELATIONSHIP” when you approach girls for a relationship or when you ask them out for a date? Then cry no more because this write-up will open your eyes and walk you through a summarized approach you need to apply to win the YES of any girl you walk up to.

Remember, girls have not been turning you down because you are not HANDSOME, not RICH or because you lack some popular male traits, NO, it is simply because you haven’t applied the right approach. Before I go on, I want to let you know that all girls reason almost the same way- their brain work like a computer programme written by same programmer, and for this reason, once you master this approach I am about to reveal to you here, I bet you will get at least 8 YES when you approach 10 different girls, isn’t that awesome? It is of course!

Will you be surprised if I tell you that girls are not really interested in your looks and money like we guys do often accuse them? Do you know that girls are the most insecure being created on planet earth? Do you know that what every girl seek most in a guy is security and happiness? Haven’t seen or heard about handsome, popular rich guys being turned down by girls? Or haven’t you heard of girls cheating on their rich and handsome boyfriends or hubby? Please don’t misinterpret me; money, looks can definitely win you the attention of a girl, but may not win you her genuine passion, admiration and interest to saying YES.

Girls Don't Want Just Money!

Haven known some few facts about what girls look out for in a guy, I want you to start now to change that belief that WHAT GIRLS WANT IS MONEY OR LOOKS! Remember, I am aware of the fact that when you approach 2o different girls and ask them who is their dream man, that they would obviously tell you: handsome, tall, caring, rich, understandable, decent, blah, blah, blah…but believe me, girls are the most funniest creatures on earth, you know why? Because when they say B, they meant C, and please don’t blame them because that’s their nature- they are born to live in fantasies and dreams, but what matters most is what they do finally go for; the reality.

Again, haven’t you noticed that playboys hardly get a NO from girls, be it rich, classic, popular lady? You know why? It’s because they have mastered the art of feminine reasoning and the secret to wooing girls. In fact, I know of a guy who holds a record of 100% yeses from girls he had approached for a date, and the funniest part of it all is the fact that this very guy owns no car, and he’s not that handsome- just average looking guy with the usual male physique every other guy out there has, yet he gets YES from every girl he approaches.

You know, haven followed this guy for over five years now because he is my close friend and course mate in the higher institution, I made up my mind to confront him on this very issue, by asking him: why is that every girl likes you? And guess what his answer was?

“Because I’m the ladies’ man,” and this very answer got me even more confused and skeptical, what does he mean by ‘I’m the ladies’ man?’ so I asked him, “what do you mean by that, please I really want to know?” and he replied, “every lady likes a confident guy, a smart guy; this tells them that he can take care of their emotional desire. It also tells them indirectly that they will be secured if they are with the guy.” I wasn't so convinced with his reply, so I pushed further, “how then do you let them know about this when you walk up to them?” “The force of attraction is so powerful it can attract anything you desire so much without doubt- be it woman or money, if you so desire it and go after it without doubt of failure, the force of attraction will definitely in-line that desire with yours and there you go.” He explained.

“OMG! Please I am confused, how do you apply this in real life when you meet a girl of your dream and you want to woo her and get her to accept you?” was my next question, and he went further to explain, “firstly, be bold, remove your mind from ‘what if’ and focus on what it would be like being with her and believe me, the force of attraction will definitely inline your fantasies with hers, and she won’t know when she will succumb to your request. It has worked for me several times that after a girl accepted to go out with me, and during the process of our dating, she confessed that she didn’t even knew when and why she said YES in the first place, and do you know what I usually do? I look at her and smile, and then I will tell her- it’s because you and I are meant to be. Lest I forgot, girls love adventure, and for this very reason, they like a guy that displays a trait of adventure and liveliness in him more than the boring, quiet kind of a guy. Don’t get me wrong, some girls may fall for a quiet calm guy, but same girls will definitely fall for a lively and adventurous guy, but a girl that cherishes the adventurous kind of guys will never fall for a calm quiet guy, NEVER!”

“Wow!” was what escaped my lips as I sat silently in awe listening to this expert confess his secrets to winning girls. “Again, if you want to win any girl’s heart, just make her laugh, and you have done 95% of the job, only for you to pull the last trick- prove to her that you are a hero!” “what do you mean by that- prove to her that you are a hero?” “It’s very simple, heroes are known to be confident, they guarantee their followers security and happiness, so find a way to display this hero trait in you within the first one minute you approached her.”

Don't forget, this is just the first episode of this series, so do follow up so you won't miss out on the next episode coming very soon! Finally before I go, don't ever make the mistake of approaching a girl in the usual or let me say traditional approach and still expect her to jump up and say YES. Remember the popular saying that it is madness to be doing the same thing over and over again in the same way and still expect a different result, so spice up your approach, try something different from today, stop approaching girls with the traditional lyrics of “I am Joe, I just saw you and my heart skipped, please can I know you more?” Oh, come on, you're bigger than that okay? Spice it up a bit…catch you guys later, and please don't come back here telling me I DON'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, HOW DO I FIND ONE? Lolz….please do have a lovely time as you pour in your wonderful testimonies, cheers!


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from L Island

      Did you read the tips given in the article? One sure way to get girls easily as a guy is to be confident. See them as your sisters, your female cousins, don't be carried away by her physical beauty because once you do, you will feel nervous and won't be able to approach her confidently, and girls love confidence. Girls want to be sure that you are man enough to handle them. You can start by learning to look at girls directly eyeball to eyeball. Socialize more with girls and learn to interact with them freely, crack jokes and laugh naturally whenever you can. Don't try to pretend or to be who you are not, it will kill your chances and confidence too.

      You can also try writing love letter, it still works....or try online dating. Let me know if these tips helped you, cheers and thanks for stopping by

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi there,

      I'm 17yr old boring guy and friends say that I'm handsome enough to get girls but I'm a nerd and don't go that much out. Any idea how to start?

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from L Island

      Yeah @HaileyAdams, physical attraction plays a vital role in winning a girl during wooing. Thanks for stopping by.

    • HaileyAdams profile image


      5 years ago

      you are right, if a guy has a gsoh he will have more succsses than other guys, but physical attraction is also very important

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @MarleneB, good to see you know very well that ladies love humor and any guy that can make them smile and laugh, will definitely win their heart more easily, and that's why comedians roll with lots of elegant ladies...lolz...reading through your comment made me laugh even more...its so amazing to know that you are married to a comedian I must confess, for him to have kept you laughing for 25yrs one, thanks once again for stopping by, Glad to know too that you are an ordained woman of God...pleased to see you here.

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 

      6 years ago from USA

      I think Becky truly does speak for most of us. Thank you, Becky. Yes, and being a little bit attractive helps, but it's not the feature that wins us over. Laughter is at the top of my list. In fact, I have been married to a man who has made me laugh for over 25 years now. I'd have to say, he reeled me in with humor, then he caught me with the rest.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      Hey Becky, thanks for stopping were so honest in revealing more of the secrets that I myself have just noted now...yeah, what makes a girl fall for a guy at the first meeting, is different from what makes her stay....which I am not about discussing here for now....thanks once again Becky, you really made my day. Thank you.

    • Rfordin profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      (MOST) of us girls look at the total person. If we find someone who treats us right, is respectful of us (and our family), makes us feel like the only woman in the world then we fall. When we fall, we fall hard.

      Guys that "win" us over regardless of not having a car, job, being cute etc. Have learned that at first it's the charm that attracts us but it's what happens after that first encounter that keeps us.

      I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that your friend is AT LEAST semi-attractive and has the ability to become a snake charmer in his lifetime. Not a bad thing just not something that will keep us "entertained" for long. We do look for secrutiy (albeit money wise, emotionally wise, phsyically wise etc.) but that's not what "keeps" us. It's the daily interactions that keep us interested.

      Great hub!



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