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How To meet women in public

Updated on October 22, 2012

How To Meet Women-For men only please

Hi guys and if you're a woman, congrats on having the courage to read on.

I am a media consultant and entrepeneur that had to learn how to contact people in public. However, I used these same tips on how to meet women. It's not a guarantee that you'll end up getting married but it will definitely give you an opportunity to go to the mound. A term used in baseball. Your batting average will go up with the more swings you take. But like everything, there will be strikeouts. Nothing is more devastating though than not even having the courage to try. Every day I meet women which makes me feel great that my system works. If you're a girl, have at it. Some of these tried and tested tips might work for you. I love this. Make this your "love connection".

Below are the powerful tips. Please save these and let me know of your success stories. Please pass these on to those nerds or geeks that will end up in front of a computer and don't have a life. Get ready to have some fun.

1. Grocery stores are my favorite when a girl is in line. I like to use the compliment technique especially if she's wearing something nice, like shoes. Women absolutely love shoe compliments. If she has high heels, I might say something like "nice shoes, you must have a nice office job where you can sit down". She might volunteer information of where she works. If not ask "what kind of work are you in"?. If she says, I work as an attorney, you can respond "great!!, can I have a business card? I might need an attorney some day or I'll see who might need one." If she gives you her card, say I'll give you a call. Then do so in a couple of days of course.

2. Coffee shop. I love these because I hang out in them and I can ask a question like, Excuse me but I'm looking for a new lap top and I wondered if you could recommend a good one?" When you start chatting about computers, you can ask, "you seem so knowledgeable, what kind of work are you in? If she says something like I'm a pharmacutical rep, say "wow cool, if I know a doctor that needs your services, I'll let you know. Can I have a business card"? So there you go. Think about diferent scenarios of what to say for different occupations. Recently I tried a new technique. It's where I'm sitting close to a babe at a coffee shop and I go to the bathroom. I might say something like "excuse me but I hate to bother you but will you be here for a minute? I'm going to the little boys room and I'm going to leave my stuff (computer) here and can you watch it?" Just make sure she looks decent and won't leave with your stuff. She'll probably say yes. When you return say thank you and strike up a conversation. Be careful though that she's not studying for an exam or something. Always be considerate. You can tell if they are studying if you see alot of books all over the place or if they are heavy into their job. Observe body language.

3. Be creative in breaking the ice. For example, on a hot day in an elevator it's perfectly acceptable to say "sure is hot in here". She might say "sure is". Then ask "do you work in this building"? If she says no then say "oh really where do you work"? Either way, the response is the same. Over the years I've learned to be creative in order to meet women. Always end the conversation with "do you have a business card"?

4. Two most powerful questions. They are "what kind of work are you in?" and "do you have a business card?" Practice these two questions with your buddies before you get a real prospect. Early on, I screwed up alot. These should be automatic. The first question is for when you meet and the second at the end of your conversation. Remember that the business card technique is not about business but about getting her phone number.

5. Bonus question. When you become proficient, you can move on to "do you want to grab a latte' or something sometime?" This is a safe question that even a girl can use. Hint hint.

May you have lots of "love connections"


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