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How Women Survive When Their Husbands Are Away

Updated on May 15, 2017

How Many Hats Do I Wear

I have been a plumber, painter, waitress to animals, carpenter, pool boy or should I say pool girl, electrician, handyman, lawn guy until we hired one. I have also been the gardener, the cook, cleaner and bottle washer.

You might think it's crazy but we learn how to do all these things when our husbands are away. Women are very strong and do well when their husbands are gone and much better then if our husbands were left alone.

When my husband is home and I am at work, he always calls and wants to know where something is. But his time at home is doing all the above and taking care of the animals when he is home.

If Your Husband is Away How do You Survive

This morning when I woke up and was doing all the normal things to me that I do each day, this hub can relate to many women who have husbands in the armed services or work away from home.

My day starts every morning between 5 and 6 a.m. to the dog shaking his tinker bell collar to go outside and the cats meowing for treats. Once Jake goes outside the cats get their treats because of course Jake is a garbage disposal. We have four cats so they can get pretty nasty about their treats on time.

Once Jake comes back in he stands in the kitchen looking at me pitifully for his cookies because God forbid if I give the cats something and he is left out. That face will make you say yes every time.

Once the furry babies are fed then on to the scaly babies. We have two iguanas Binky and BJ and around 8 they start looking for their food. Each get bathed why I am cleaning out their cages and producing the most emaculate iguana salad one could ever eat. Once they are bathed they are put back in their cages and they eat as much as the dog in greens. Let me point out though that their nails are like razors and when I don't wear the gloves my husband so lovingly gave me, my arms look like a cutter. We also have two corn snakes Buster and Barney and when they need to be fed and God help me because I know they need to eat and the circle of life and all that jazz, but I will only allow my husband to buy frozen mice. The one time he snuck and got live mice, the snakes wouldn't eat one and he ended up being our stinky pet mouse named snowy. Let me tell ya mice are smelly.

Then its on to the litter boxes and the litter fest the four cats have had flinging litter for a mile in the garage. I fill up their dry food, give them fresh water and clean up the fur balls that linger in corners.

Once everyone is fed and pottied then the vacuum is run so the hair bunnies don't take us away. Every now and then I get presents of dead palmetto bugs that couldn't survive the cat test. It's only the beginning of my day.

On This Day I Promised Till Death Us Do Part

Our Wedding day 11/6/2010
Our Wedding day 11/6/2010

Women Are Really the Strong Ones

When I married my husband I knew what he did for work. I knew he would be gone and sometimes for a long time. It was hard in the beginning. Now the nice part of him being gone is the house stays a lot cleaner longer. But as they say, absence makes the heart go fonder and I believe this is true.

My husband and I are best friends. Some times I hate having to do everything but every sacrifice comes with a benefit.

Because of my husband, I have a nice home, live a nice life and we do what we want to do. That alone is worth it all. Do I get lonely and frustrated? Yes. But that's when I call him and complain (just kidding). He knows how to calm me and knows when I have had enough.

Until Death Us Do Part

Women of Armed Service Men

I know many women who have husbands in the military and it has to be the hardest of them all. Yes my husband could be hurt very badly on his job but these women live every day not knowing if their husbands will ever come back from a deployment.

Women of millitary men move from place to place and once they get settled in one place it's time to move to another. Their children are raised by them, but the honor they carry for letting their husbands defend our country deserve the highest award of them all.

I don't think I could be this wife and hold it all down. Run the kids to school events, volunteering their time and also holding down a full time job.

Does Your Husband Travel For Work

So how do you fare when your husband is away on his tour of duty, or driving a truck or any other job that would keep him from being home.

There is plenty to do and you can even start a support group in your hometown. I am sure a lot of women who are in the same shoes would be willing to get together for some understanding of their feelings.

Military Wives

What You Can Do When Your Husband is Away

Join a book club. Doing this will not only put you with people to talk to but give you something to look forward too.

If you write poetry join and open mic night and give your best poem to a live audience.

If you can sing, join the military wives choir. They are women who's husbands are deployed and they get together not only to sing, but to give each other support.

Lose some weight while your husband is gone. I have seen so many make over stories about women, who's husbands are away and they kept it secret until they came home. Their husbands couldn't believe it was them.

Take some classes. You are never too old to learn. It would give you time away from home and make you think about other things.

Be creative. We all have talents whether it be writing, baking, singing, artisitic, use your talents ot help others or just to help your self.

Take dancing lessons. Not only are you getting exercise but you are also doing something fun for yourself.

Give yourself a make over. I am a firm believer that if a woman looks and feels good she is more confident in her self.

Or if you are like me, you can just collect animals to give all your love to until he returns.

The Life of a Trucker

Could You Do What They Do?

I don't think that many women could be away from home as much as their husbands are. We are more nurturing and want to take care of things.

I could never do what my husband does because his job is dangerous and he is in many tight places. It wouldn't work for five minutes. So all I can be is faithful and thankful.

When you see your husband hug him, kiss him and just be glad he is home.

Trucking Across America

Truck drivers are away from home for most of the month and it's a very hard life to live as a wife, but if trucking stopped so would any goods we get to enjoy in the United States.

If you have a husband that is a truck driver, don't nag him when he is home. He is providing a life for you so be thankful not a nagging wife.

They don't want to be gone anymore then you want them to be gone.

Keep Your Love Alive

It doesn't matter why your husband is gone, but keep your love alive by making him cards or if he is in one place for a while send him a nice care package.

It's a hard job wearing the many hats while our husbands are away, but how would your life be without them. Mine would be pretty sad.

When You Love Someone


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