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Modern Technology Has Caused People to Hate Each Other Even if it is Family

Updated on March 16, 2017
When people online frustrate you leave them alone
When people online frustrate you leave them alone

Computer technology causing hate

When computers first hit the market most of us at one time or another entered a chat room to quickly find out that people who online in chat rooms really have issues. They can hide behind their computer and say anything they want to anyone, without getting in trouble or maybe being blocked by that person. Some feel the need to sexually harass you, berate you and make you feel like you are the problem.

Today the same thing is happening in the computer world but now the problem exist on support forums about everything from weight loss to diabetes. Facebook groups have become a way for people to sit at their computers and lash out and every and anyone that doesn't agree with them.

I was a member of a lapband forum but have decided enough was enough. Here are adults coming to an open forum or chat session and end up being grade school children in an instant you don't agree with them. The name calling begins, threatening emails, telling people they don't even know that they hate you.

I had one person go as far as to attack me outside of that forum. I began to think that is life so bad, that they have to continue on this spiral to get attention for other reasons. Well yes they do. Because after them posting about their life I can see why they do the things they do.

Having issues of everything from cancer to being abused as a child, now makes them able to return their hurt and anger to others they don't know. It's kind of sad in a way that an administrator of these websites has to constantly go back and forth to make people not talk to each other.

Then you have the people who want to come to your aide because they are your friend now, but then when they get caught up in the middle, they are no longer your friend anymore. I'm really shaking my darn head here because in all reality you weren't my friend. My friends I see and talk to everyday. They don't disown me because of trivial things. My real friends are here where I live that I can speak to on a regular basis and go out to lunch with or talk on the phone for hours with.

Yes I made some good acquaintences while on that website, however you have to take people at face value. Public forums, social networks and chat rooms have ruined the best of relationships. Let's face it, computers in general have ruined a lot of things including jobs.

Modern technology has made life a lot easier but at the same time has made life that much harder. People to judge you that don't know you. How can you really hate someone you don't know?

How can you even have anger to someone you don't know unless its a child abuser, killer or molester because of a disagreement about something as trivial as food.

I guess I will never understand humans and why they do the things they do, but I can say that I don't have to be subjected to such people in my life. I refuse to let someone I don't know or have any kind of real relationship with make my life miserable.

For those who like to provoke people on those kinds of websites, then you need to really find out why you love to aggravate people you don't know.

Cyber Bullying is a Crime Viewer Discretion is Advised

Cyber Bullying Statistics

55,000 people a year and most are teenagers, commit suicide because of cyber bullying. That is 22 people each day that take their own lives because they can not take it anymore. What these bullies don't realize is that cyber bullying is a criminal offense and can lead up to a 10 year sentence and felony charges.

I was an obese teenager and was teased in school on a daily basis. I am so glad the internet did not exist at that time. One of the loser guys I went to school with gave me the name of walrus in middle school and that name stuck with me until I graduated. It upset me so much to the point I starved myself the summer before high school until I was skinny. Even after I had lost all the weight he still said I looked like a walrus. These were not fun years for me.

As a matter of fact it was horrible. Every day being called names and nothing was ever done about it. I was told to ignore him. Well ignoring him during the day, made me cry sometimes at night. I think about it now and how stupid I was. I should have taken him to the principles office every time he did it. I vowed after I had my children, that no one would ever bully them.

Hatred From the Computer

If someone is online in any fashion, giving you disrespect or hateful words, get away from them. Many social medias have the ability to block people who are harassing you or trying to hurt you.

You can also file a complaint against them if they don't stop and get a restraining order. My situation was different because I could not get a name or the location of the person doing it. They used a screen name and a fake place that they lived.

This was a year nightmare that went on until I threatened to file criminal charges against her and then she disappeared.


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