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How else can we define a peaceful death: Tributes to Chief Nkuma Kalu Nkuma

Updated on April 26, 2015


Remember me, miss me, but let me go.

To the living, I am gone.

To the Sorrowful, I will never return.

To the Angry, I was cheated.

But to the Happy, I am at peace.

And to the Faithful, I have never left.

Remember me in your hearts, your thoughts and your memories of the love we shared, the times we fought, the times we laughed, for if you always think of me, I will never have gone.

I did most of the things I did because the light handed over to me by my Elders was not supposed to be put off, not in my lifetime.

To my relations, I was a terror, not because I oppressed them but because I do not allow them have it their way.

My Joy I will say is that I left everything the way I received them. To you the living, protect them or destroy them, the choice is yours.

So I say, miss me but let me go.

This is a journey we all must take and each must go alone. It is all a part of the Master’s plan.


How else can we define a peaceful death?

I am sad today because not only is the deceased my father but also even as a proven international author, who has received many accolades, yet I am unable to write a tribute that correctly fits this great man. This is because all that has been written about him is preamble. He is not a man any pen, alone, can describe. He worth more than ink even if it is written in gold.

Nobody takes pleasure in losing a loved one no matter how old he or she may be. Therefore, I shall be despondent even if my father passes in the next 1000 years but I accept his passing because I know that to everything there is a season.

My joy amidst sorrow is that he passed on peacefully.

Please, can anyone tell me how else we define a peaceful death than a man who ate with his wife and children, discussed with his family, watched his favourite music videos (Bright Chimezie and others) then put off his generator and peaceful went to rest with his ancestors because he knew that it is a call we must answer someday.

Many people desire and pray that they should die in such a way yet it is the kind of death that eludes many. This is because it is a kind of death set aside for only few great men and women who has so spiritually attained and who are able to peaceful pass on.

Therefore, I tell you that Chief Nkuma Kalu Nkuma has proven that he is a great man both physically and spiritually even unto death. He proved that true greatness is not all about accumulating wealth but touching lives positively. A great man is he who people run to in their quest for justice because they know he will not support what is wrong. He carried the case and burden of others as if it was his own. That is why today many of them here ask, “Who shall we run to for justice.”

He fought for justice because we know that there will be no positive peace without justice. That is why Chief Nkuma, on his retirement, was honoured with the Chieftaincy title of “Ome Udo 1 of Abiriba,” which means the number one peacemaker of Abiriba.

Consequently, a man who fights for the defenseless and who will not let anyone take what he beliefs is rightly his own will definitely have enemies. Even Jesus Christ had enemies and still has enemies today yet Christ is the greatest to has ever lived on earth. Little wonder, Chief Nkuma was alleged, by his lucid foes, to had set his house in order before passing on, which is the ultimate prove of his greatness. He was never afraid to stand and fight for what he believed was right even if it means fighting a crowd alone. Fortunately, he was always victorious because God is always with him for he joined himself with God so he was always protected.

Those who contend with him acknowledged the fact that they lost because they contended with a man who has a superior spirit and who was armed with nothing but God. Let us at this point remember that blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God. Therefore, just like his mother, he is an epitome of strength, power, courage, determination, perseverance, love and kindness. I am glad that the same blood runs in my veins because he is my father.

Whenever Chief Nkuma asked, “I can’t do it, opusa gini?” Just be certain he cannot do it and there is nothing anyone can do about it because he is a man of his words.

Within the brief period I lived with him, he made me to understand that it is wrong for a father to eat when his children have not eaten. Therefore, he did not eat alone when I am at home.

That is the reason, in the past, great men like Chief Nkuma who are seen to be of divine nature were mistakenly seen and worshipped as gods. These include men like Imhotep, José Rizal, Zheng He, among others. Though it should not be strange because Jesus said as it is written in our scripture “Ye are gods” because of a truth we are created in the image of God and we cannot claim to be children of God without his blood running in our veins. Unfortunately, only few men and women are able to take advantage of their Godly inheritance like Chief Nkuma did especially in working for the interest of humanity and in service to God. Even without formal education, yet Chief Nkuma proved that, “we are instrument in the hands of God.” Although, many find pleasure in being used by the devil.

Our joy, again, is that those who join themselves with God are never unprotected.

Today even the undertakers are so sorry because they know that they are about to bury an immeasurable treasure.

Father, you lived all the days of your life as a lion and as you rest in peace, my confidence is that a resting lion is still the king of the jungle.

Therefore, I shall not say cheerio because I know that you live on in my heart, where you truly belong. It is where death is incapable of taking you away.

Dr. David Nkuma Kalu

(N. K. David)




I don’t call you husband because you are more than that to me. When we meet at Afrikpo where we got married you told me you will treat me like your sister and will not allow anybody to hurt me. Truly you fulfilled that promise. Because of the way you took me, I always find it difficult to go to any place as I never wanted to be out of your sight.

You are a strong man, honest and of high integrity. You do not compromise your stand for truth no matter the situation. You are always ready to defend all those you call family especially your extended family and non-family to clings to you.

I remember vividly when I came back to Abiriba from my hometown with our first son and meet your 2nd wife at home what you told us; you said; “ANY DAY TWO OF YOU FIGHT FOR ANY REASON, DON’T WAIT FOR ME TO COME BACK AND MEET YOU PEOPLE, JUST PACK YOUR THINGS AND GO BACK TO YOUR FATHER’S HOUSE BECAUSE WHAT I WANT IN MY HOUSE IS PEACE AND LOVE, SO TWO OF YOU SHOULD LIVE LIKE SISTERS”; with this advice, we lived as one, and your love keep supporting us in all things.

I was still nursing my wound from the demise of my second and my sister TITI (Your 2nd Wife), taking you by your word that you are here for me when you suddenly left without saying Goodbye.

You left un-announced. You took away what remains of my heart. It was a heart break for me but I take solace in the words of the hymn writer; Dora Greenwell – she said:

“ I am not skilled to understand

What God hath willed, what God hath planned

I take God at his word and deed

And was there then no other way

For God to take?- I cannot say

I only bless him, day by day

Yea, living, dying, let me bring

My strength, my solace, from this spring

That he who lives to be my king

Once died to be my savior”.

I know you have gone to rest where no one will despise your good works , where your labour of love will ever be appreciated. Where men do not need to black-list your name after you finish fighting for them. Which why I call you, “ OMEHA A-BUO’’.

Continue to rest in the bosom of God my beloved hubby, brother and friend till we meet to part no more.





Ezinne Chief Mrs. Regina Oyediya Nkuma.



A confident man, he was never intimidated by anybody. 3rd November, 2014 hits me hard; little did I know that the trip I made on January 2014 would be our last time together. There you advised me to put a good behavior towards everyone and my husband in particular.

Daddy you were an eagle – the king of birds.

You are the making of my prince, you thought him boldness and never to accept intimidation and impossible.

My father I love you and I cherish you. It is true you are gone but you are alive in my memory especially knowing the fact that soon I will be looking at your namesake NKUMA ONWUKA NKUMA.

Good night a father with a difference.

Sleep till we meet to part no more.





  • Ø A man of Courage and Bravery
  • Ø A man that roars like a lion and stride like an elephant (Enyi n’eche mba)
  • Ø A man as hard as a stone but with a tender heart filled with love and care
  • Ø A refuge for all, even those that hate and despise him still runs to him in times of trouble
  • Ø A man that doesn’t look for fights but never run away from a fight
  • Ø A man that will quarrel with you today and still welcome and fight for you tomorrow because he bears no grudges
  • Ø A man that can go any length for those he calls family and friends.
  • Ø A man who stands for what he believes, even with a gun on his face.
  • Ø A man always bold to tell you the truth no matter your class or status.
  • Ø A man who believes it’s better to die standing than live on his knees.
  • Ø A diplomat, wise man and man of great intelligence – (The Lawyer his generation never have).
  • Ø A strong pillar and strength to family and friends.
  • Ø A defender of the helpless.

You fought for my life as an infant and almost died for me in 2001 too. You thought me to be bold, brave and courageous. That’s why my eyes are filled with tears because I lost you too soon.

Sleep on Papa.

Ga nke oma Enyi n’eche Mba Nnam.

Prince Onwuka Nkuma



Hey! What! O gini na eme? Oh death! Why so, when nobody expected it in that way. Chief Nkuma Kalu, so it ended as we discussed in July 2014 before my sickness, which ended same July. I came back alive hoping to see you without knowing that “ete Onwu” would not allow you to see me again.

So I thank God and took courage from your word at “Ndi Okoronta” Abiriba in December 2013. When you said that I am the father that will represent you for your children as nobody knows tomorrow. My consolation comes from knowing that you have ascended to heaven while some of hoped to hear of your shameful death.

“Eleanya Ogbu” is saying sleep well. If there is any good thing that side, you people should do for good of all in Jesus Holy name. Amen

Mr/Mrs. Andrew E. Nduka


Chief; You worth more than a father.

You deserve good names, honour and respect.

You are a great man, a freedom fighter, a peacemaker, a man of integrity, one in a million, the Iroko tree (Okosisi), a man of his people, Osi-na-nwata buru dike.

Dad your good deeds and peaceful act merited you this title ‘Chief OME UDO 1 OF ABIRIBA”.

I have missed you my PA. You taught me how to live and be in peace even with the enemies. Words cannot describe you. History cannot forget you. You are a legend.

With pains in my heart I can’t say Goodbye because you live in my memory rather I choose to say


Justice Ukay Nkuma








Dad, I never knew that 3rd of November will be my last day of seeing you. If dreams weren’t dreams and dreams come true, I wouldn’t be here I would have been with you. Death is one thing that keeps us apart. But dad, you will always remain in my heart.

A special smile, a special face, a special someone I can’t replace. You are a fearless tiger that can never be intimidated, you always stand by the truth, you fight for the helpless, you never allow your children to be intimidated by anyone, I always remember your English; I DEY CRAZY. CHIEF NKUMA KALU NKUMA; you are an honorable man, I love you and I always will, you left a space that no one will ever replace.

You are a lovely father, the best and the wisest man I ever know. He was truly a great man and someone who I strive everyday to live up to. Dad may not be a perfect man but he was an honorable, jovial, loving and caring man. Daddy, because of your good deeds here on earth, your name and footprints will forever remain in our heart. With a broken heart and eyes full of tears I say:-











It is my honor and privilege to be a part of this great family of yours. My fair knowledge about you is one of the foremost; to a handsome man, gorgeous, loving, caring, and Godly wise, joyful, ageless, graceful, and accommodating father.

You are courageous, frank, enthusiastic, dynamics, adventurous, strong, focused, tough, patience, peaceful, imaginative, a confident man, “He was never being intimidated by anyone.

It was a shock to me, when I heard on the 3rd of November, 2014 that a GREAT MAN, A HERO has passed away; I cried and wept and I said Oh GOD!!! Who will call me ’’NWA- NKE -NTA’’, ‘’ADANNAYA’’.

(PAPA) Father, I love you and I relish you, it is true that you are gone, but you are alive in my memory. When you immune me as your own daughter, I know you have gone for good. But when you see my dad, greet him for me.





It’s a mystery and cannot be predicted, but only God knows when and how.

Dad, you left us early more than expected, because I thought you could have lived longer than this. It is painful that you didn’t live to eat all that you labored for. Many families are crying because of your hospitality towards them, but the ingrate fools are happy that you are no more; and they forgot that one day they will join the train.

Dad, now that you are gone; who will I call Father and Big Bros; and who will encourage me with words of advice; who will call me “EZI ADA M” and also who will call me “OKWUKANSI”?

I called you A HERO because it has been long that the enemies wanted to take you away from us; but God in his infinite mercy said no to their wishes and plans.

I give God thanks for keeping you so far, at least we can now be able to bid you fare-well in a grand style.

Sleep on my HERO

La Nke Oma Nwa nde Erighi Ebulu

Ije oma Nwa amuru Akaodu

Fare-Well Nwa Onye Ubi

Good Night Daddy till we meet to part no more.

Your Lovely Daughter



3rd November 2014, you are indeed “November to Remember”. The “day” that took away my friend, lover, and Daddy.

Daddy, I remember the story you told me of what happened when I was still tender; how your other children were busy playing outside and I was the only one beside you when you wanted to give up the ghost. You said that I kept on opening your eyes and asking you if you want to die; till adults came back and came to your aid. That made me to wish that I was in the same room with you that night that death came knocking again. I would have pleaded with God to give you a second chance because you deserve it.

Daddy! You are indeed a man of peace that even people who are not related to you by blood do come to you to make peace for them. People can attest to the fact that you love Justice and fair-play and never accept defeat. You always stand on the truth; this awarded you the title “Chief Ome Udo 1 of Abiriba (Peace Maker).

If only you could see the tears in the world you left behind, you will understand that you have created a very big vacuum in lives of People, especially those you always stand in “the gap” for. Indeed a Great Iroko tree has fallen!

Words will not be enough to write about you but I know you have really fought for your life up till the time your God said it is your time to go home and rest. May your gentle soul find rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus till we meet to part no more, Amen!

I miss you Daddy!!!

Rest in peace my Pace Setter!

Rest in Peace my Hero!

Rest in Peace Chief Ome Udo 1 of Abiriba!

Rest in peace my Daddy!

Your lovely Daughter

Miss Charity N. Kalu

The Daughter after her daddy’s heart!


Papa, on the 3rd of November, 2014 when I got the info that you’ve gone back to thy maker, tears dropped down my eyes; and I begin to wonder how possible it was that thou gave up to Mr. death so easily without an awareness to thy children that thou was about to have eternal rest.

My Hero, why didn’t you live to enjoy the fruitfulness and abundance grace of the children you’ve suffered to raise with good-faith? While the Creator knows the best by allowing that “ugly monster” (death) to take a just man like you.

“Oh death! How could you have done this to me? Thou have searched amongst the hills and valleys, thou have moved to the mountains and roam deeply to the ocean; thou had even gone through the four pillars of the earth in search of a satisfaction”. None have you found, then why did you decide to penetrate through my family, to snatch my hope, joy, happiness in fact my everything so as to put tears on my face? See, the moment I recalled that you are a traitor, monster, cheater, ugly, thief, killer and destroyer of hope; tears seized from my eyes because no amount of crying will bring my Dad back alive.

However, I want to let you know Papa that you are a great Hero, a fighter, Maker of Peace. Little wonder you were conferred the title “Chief Ome Udo 1 of Abiriba” (Peace Maker).

Adieu Big daddy,

Adieu Papa

Adieu my Hero

Rest in peace

Sleep well in the bosom of our Lord until we meet to part no more.

May thy soul and spirit be found worthy in the presence of thy Maker.


Your 2nd Daughter’s King

Kazi Daniel Nkuma


We were together on Sunday night, brother you never bid me farewell. How was I supposed to know that it was going to be my last stay and discussion with you. When my phone rang early in the morning and I heard Chinwe’s voice “Uncle Uncle… my father is dying bring a car” it struck me hard like a lightening. Many thoughts ran through my head at the same time but I have to be a man. On taking you to the hospital and the Doctor confirmed you dead, the reality of death stroked me.

Ogbonnaya that was not how we planned it. I know death will come one day but not like this. It was so sudden and unannounced. It hurts but the pain I will bear knowing well the responsibility you have dropped on my shoulders as your only surviving brother. Big as it may seem but I will strive to ensure your legacies are not forgotten in a hurry.

Rest in Peace Ome Udo 1

Rest in Peace Ogbonnaya

Rest in Peace Brother.

Your brother

Ojo Awa Ojo

Author One Million.


Oh death! Why now? Why my brother? Chei! Nkuma you did not remember Miennaya needs you. You left me without a word. You surrendered instead of fighting as you have been doing. It’s me your death pained the most. It was like a hawk came and carried away my heart. The enemies are laughing at me now; they are asking where her strength is.

I take solace in the fact that you lived well, fought when the need arise to defend me and my children. You never abandoned me. You were a father and a brother.

I miss you Nwannem Ochie (MY elder Brother).

May you find the peace that you stand for in the bosom of our Lord Jesus.

Your Sister.

Miennaya Kalu Nkuma.


Daddy I will not ask death why because you surrendered willingly unto it. I know because you are a brave and fearless man; you have stood before death several times and laughed at death; thus when people expected you to die, you defeated death and lived on.

Though you didn’t say Goodbye, I understand. I know it was difficult for you to look me in the face and tell me its over; seeing we have many unfinished projects that we planned to carry out together as we always do my friend and elder brother.

Papa, you are not just my father. You are my Elder brother, my bosom friend, my soul-mate; my pillar of support, my confidant, my Mentor and my Moral Builder. You taught me many principles about life. You said it’s better to die for truth than lie to have a fake freedom while living in bondage in your spirit. Character they say is the real foundation of all worthwhile success, I speak of you Daddy. You truly taught me just like the scriptures that a Good Name is rather to be chosen than great riches. You imbibed in me the spirit of accepting responsibility of anything I do in life, and to fight always for justice; and the spirit of love. You always tell me you prefer love and unity than rancor in your home. You lived an exemplary life, others first before yourself.

Daddy you are a brother to those who do not have, a defender of truth, a fighter, An Icon of peace; A living Legend even at death. As I watched many people shedding tears that fateful Monday, I realized you actually did not live your life for yourself but for these people. I heard all their groaning and know that many people not just your immediate family had lost a brother, a defender, a contender of justice and hope raiser. Just like Norman Vincent Peale said “The man who lives for himself is a failure. Even if he gains much wealth, power or position he is still a failure”. Little wonder you lived for others so that you will be a hero. A successful man and a victor.

Ogbuefi, even though I will not question death; you surrendered too early, at a time your children are about to blossom and take good care of you the way you deserved. Oh! What kind of world would this be if everyone was just like you? It’s not what you get that makes you successful; rather, it is what you are continuing to do with what you’ve got that’s a better yardstick. The measure of your life is not in its duration, but in its donation. You did not only reach out your hand but you were willing to extend an arm and your heart for other people’s happiness. For you the breakfast of champions is not cereal, its problems because you are always ready to be of help.

I can go on and on and on, words won’t fall me daddy to talk about you. I spent my early years with you and we became very good friends. One thing I want you to know wherever you are is that my heart bleeds. Your death punctured my heart.


Nnam, Nwoke di ike.

Nwa nwa osu ghara okuku.

Nwa Enyi bu Oke Enyi.

Nwa amu iso amu ya nge.

Chief Ome udo 1 of Abiriba.


Osi na nwata buru dike.

My father, brother, friend and Mentor.



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