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How to Approach Attractive Women

Updated on August 24, 2011

Every man wants to date a woman they find attractive, but many settle for someone they're only moderately attracted to, because they don't think they can compete with all the studs out there. This is a very, very silly and totally self-limiting concept; it's also total BS. Every man, no matter what his appearance, has the capacity to raise his level of attractiveness by several points. Sadly, few men realize what it is that really attracts women and they wind up treading water at the "about average" level. If you want to join the next league and put yourself in the running for a hottie, it's a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is be totally confident and sincere. These tips for approaching an attractive woman can be used on any woman, but they are especially important when it comes to getting the number of a woman you think is out of your league.

Facts about attractive women

  • Attractive women know they're attractive -- men are fairly obvious about showing their interest levels and good-looking women will be fully aware of their magnetism by the time they reach their 20s.
  • Attractive women are still insecure on some level. This is especially true of those who dress to the nines on a regular basis; the more dolled up, the more effed up, if you'll pardon the expression.
  • All women, attractive or otherwise, have set standards, but they aren't necessarily related to physical appearance. This doesn't mean that they will deliberately seek out an unattractive man just because he's a rocket scientist -- it means that an unattractive rocket scientist has the potential to become very attractive if he knows how to work what he has.
  • Attractive women over the age of 25 have usually had their fill of being a trophy girlfriend and will often avoid overly attractive men because they tend to lack substance. An average looking man with a good personality and charm stands a good chance of scoring one of these girls for exactly that reason.
  • Attractive women who spent their youth as an ugly duckling may seem particularly appealing due to reduced ego settings, but be aware that these women tend to go back and forth when it comes to self-esteem; simply looking good isn't always a big enough band-aid for hurtful memories. As such, these women will take a good deal more effort than women who've always been attractive.

How to approach an attractive woman.

  • Be a real man.

    You're the man here and you need to be in charge of the conversation if you want an attractive woman to take notice and respect you. You've got to be able to make her feel like you know what you're doing or she'll write you off as an inexperienced boy.

  • Get her phone number.

    Get either her mobile number or her landline, whichever she's more comfortable with. Do not settle for an email address; if that's all she offers, she's already written you off. Point out that she can always block your number if she decides you're not worthy. If offers to take yours, she may or may not call use it, so if you really want to see her again, make it clear that you're being sincere about wanting it.

  • Call or text the next day.

    Calling the day you get her number is a bit much, but waiting more than a day to call a woman who probably has loads of men lusting after her is not going to get your brownie points. If you don't want her to play head games with you, don't start the ball rolling with them.

  • Be yourself and be honest.

    Attractive women get asked out all the time; show her that you're not just some typical guy trying to prove to himself that he can get a woman in that league. Don't just come out and tell her that she's gorgeous and you'd love to call her sometime. Yeah, you and everyone else! If you really can't come up with a good line, tell her the truth -- tell her that you simply have to get to know her and that you'd love to do it over dinner.

  • Be confident and be sincere.

    Put your game face on before you approach her. Know that you are cool enough to have that woman on your arm. Believe this, and she'll believe it, too. Don't go up there reeking of insecurity, it will only put her off (unless you're a waffling Hugh Grant look-alike, in which case a stutter might actually work in your favor). Look her straight in the eye and say it like you mean it. Mind, don't say it too intensely, as that could be creepy.

  • Be prepared -- but don't be too slick.

    Know what you're going to say before you say it. Know what you want to get out the conversation -- don't start chatting about the weather if what you really want to do is invite her to a party. Do not, however, come across like a pro, as that is a major turn-off to all women.


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