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How to Attract Men with Body Language

Updated on May 22, 2013

Curve that smile.

A smile tells a man on a gut level that you’re receptive; no smile says you’re untouchable. A smile welcomes positive energy and warms off any upset soul you meet along the way. You may keep your smile from strangers but doing this oftentimes may produce wrinkles on your face. Smiling uses only 17 muscles of your face while frowning exhausts 43 muscles. So which would you rather throw at men around you: a warm and sexy smile that makes you younger or a snobbish look that not only wards off men but makes you look older?

Keep the eye contact.

Fearlessly and gently make direct eye contact with him for a longer time. It should be that kind of eye contact with a twinkle in your eye that says “I know I'm a catch.” Communicate that to him using your eyes. They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul. So let him have a little drink of that but preserve the mystery and intrigue with those eyes. Keeping an eye contact with him also makes you sincere and attentive to him. If your lips know how to smile, your eyes know better.

Move slowly, consciously and deliberately.

Women tend to move fast and that makes men think that they are always in a hurry and live under pressure and tension. That strips your natural sexiness off. It gives men the impression that you’re unapproachable, distant too busy with life’s schedules. So loosen up a bit; live life with fun. Your outlook in life reflects on your actions. So the next time you’re busy with something, move with ease and grace. At one corner of your eye, you’ll catch your guy looking at you with passion burning in his eyes.

Walk with your hips.

Most women are scared about their sexuality. They aren’t comfortable with it instead they feel it’s embarrassing. Well, being sexy is not always wearing skimpy clothes showing much skin. You can be sexy by walking with your hips. Pushed your hips forward a but when you walk, like your hips are leading you. Some women lead with their head first hunching their shoulder, making them look awkward and self-conscious.

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    • HaileyAdams profile image

      Hailey 4 years ago

      Cool hub, i really enjoyed reading this. Pretty nice advice you gave. I have a hub called "Flirting tips for men and for women", maybe you will be interested to read it.