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How to Attract Women - Make a Girl to Like You

Updated on October 2, 2014

Below are some tips and tricks step wise, which you can follow that will help you and make a girl like you and fall for you. So follow the simple steps below that would help you and will make the girl like you.

1. Be Original, Be Yourself

When you are with the girl, try to be yourself. Just pretending to be someone else, and faking yourself, your likes and interest, would not help at all. But if you try to be yourself, the original you, however bad your lifestyle maybe, you would have the confidence and girls would actually like that. Make the girl to like who you are in reality that faking yourself. Trying to impress a girl by faking yourself is a very bad idea.

2. Impress her

It is necessary to create a good impression of yourself in the girl's eyes so do what you can do to impress her. Well, I am not saying to do heroic deeds to impress her, like saving her life from murderers or kidnappers, but simple small things you do could create a good impression. Knowing her and helping her in small tasks could actually make her like you. See what is good in you. You can play guitar, you can sing, you can dance, draw, paint, write, or whatever you are good at, show her. She would be impressed. If you have any skill or talent, broadcast it. Try to know more about her and what she likes and try to prove yourself different from the rest by doing things. Things that you can do, can be even the smallest of things. But again, just going to her, and boosting about yourself and talking good about you and your achievements with her would only irritate her. Instead show what's good in you other than talking about it.

3. Friendship is the First Step

Girls do not fall for any random guy just like that. Built a good friendship with her. Be good friends. Try to know her, talk to her and get to know each other better. Spend some good times together, hangout with each other and actually have a nice time. Be good and helpful and support her. Make her feel she is special to you. Once you're good friends, the girl will automatically start liking you.

4. Little Bit of Flirting

Be confident when you're talking with her and make eye contact when you speak. Don't be nervous as this may lead you to say things that may be stupid. Use a bit of humor as girls like it and try to flirt a bit while talking. I mean a little joke or flirt would be nice but let that not cross the limits and may sound rude or very offensive.

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    • profile image

      Joseph 3 years ago

      Some of ur suggestions are hilarious but interesting. thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Karen 3 years ago

      wow thats interesting