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How to Attract the Attention of your Crush Via Zodiac Sign

Updated on December 30, 2017

What's your Sign, Baby?

Are you crushing on someone, but just don't know how to get their attention? A person's Sun Sign can be a great indication of how best to attract who you've got your eye on, and a quick short cut to having an "in" on your someone special. Learn how to best lure in your crush, and create the chemistry you're looking for!

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac and How to Attract Each Sign


Arians are looking for someone not just love, but to play with, too! As one of the more active Fire signs, they enjoy someone who can offer competition with fun, and still be willing to snuggle at the end of a long day without any hard feelings. You have to be ready for excitement as an Aries lover will expect you to totally jive with their spontaneous and enthusiastic nature. Flattery means everything, and compliments are quite nice for your everyday Aries.


If you’re wanting to catch the eye of the Earthy and Dependable Taurus, don’t expect anything to happen right away. It can take time for many Taurian’s to feel comfortable with a person, and you are going to need to prove yourself a bit. Trust is needed, however, good graces are always found and can come quite easy if you can cook! Taurian’s LOVE a great meal and the chance to be pampered a bit, and this can put you in the good graces pretty quick!


Gemini’s love an intelligent conversation with someone that inspires them to learn. They are the sponge of the Zodiac and if you can engage them with your know-how while being charming and real, you may actually see the sparks between you! Gemini’s are looking for fun and genuine people, and are game for just about anything if you can keep them interested and are always honest! Gemini’s can easily transform straight out of the friend-zone, so don't’ worry if your relationship seems slow at first!


Trust is very important for a Cancer and they will want you to earn it the good old fashioned way. Risky emotions are avoided but you can go pretty far with a genuine compliment and admiration as a Cancer loves attention. They will appreciate more patience emotionally, but it’s quite ok to show your affections freely and genuinely as long as it’s appropriate. Cancers are impressed with the more finer things in life, so be lavish if you can afford to be! It’s very appreciated!


A Leo is going to want to see your confidence and know you can handle their independence in just about anything that happens in their world. This is the Lion that roars, and they’re going to need to know that you won’t be intimidated by their sometimes domineering natures. Admiration always tames the beast, though, and you can soothe even the most angry of kitty’s with just a bit of affection and the skills to make them laugh! Charm goes a long way in attracting the Leo you’re yearning for!


Sometimes, you just have to be somewhat of an intellectual person to truly catch the eye of the detailed Virgo! Facts, figures, and educated conversation can grab attention, but to hold the interest of your Virgo, you’ll want to be sure that you’re classy in not just your conversations but your personality, too. Vapidness won’t get you anywhere, but a tasteful and stimulating dinner can show any Virgo your worth a second glance. Impress with grace and style!



It’s not very hard to attract a Libra when you put your mind to it, as they are so incredibly easy to to get along with! Admiration is your number one best bet, and allowing your Libran crush to take the lead in conversation. Get them talking, and even enjoy a bit of controversy as a Libra loves debate and will match you tit for tat in any good discussion. Libra’s are best affected by how much effort you put into them, and you’ll want to look nice and be motivated to impress!


Who isn’t attracted to the passionate Scorpio? If you want to attract them back, you have to be sure you’re genuine and real in every single effort. If not, your Scorpio will know you're playing games and that will ruin every last chance you had. Allow your spontaneity to show, as Scorpio’s are known to be quite random and change plans often. Just be natural, and allow the real you to show to best entice a Scorpio’s interest as this is a breath of fresh air and will be quite intriguing!


If you want to coax a Sagittarian towards spending a little quality time with you, be sure that you don’t come on too strong at first! Be light and fun, and gently ask about personal life, goals, and ideals, however leave the deeper conversation for much later. You’ll have to prove yourself and gain trust before you’re allowed more than skin deep for a while, so bide your time and have fun! Interest is gained with time and naturally allowing romance to happen!


Did you know that a Capricorn is attracted to someone that can make them laugh? Responsibility is on the forefront of every Capi’s life, and the more you can help them to relax, the better your stock in their eyes. Stay on time, and enjoy true, intellectual conversations with your Capi crush to gain respect. If you can break past all the seriousness that usually will hold a Capricorn back, you can be highly rewarded with major passion and loyalty! A box of fine chocolates is never a bad idea for impressing either!


An Aquarian truly loves to talk, and not just about the weather, but about quirky ideas, how to save the world, and what Super Power would you choose if you could have one! Unconventional and constantly thinking, you never know exactly what your Aquarian crush will say next, so take them in stride and parry their ideas with your own! You can’t get too “far out” there in your ideas, so let your creativity soar when trying to wade into the depths of the Aquarian romance!


The Spiritual Pisces has interest in all things other worldly, and you can usually hook your fish with a great conversation about their ideals and what they would do to change the world. While being sensitive and emotional, let your own vulnerability show and trust is almost immediately established. Kind words and sweet sentiments are always fantastic ways to reel in your Piscean quest, and once you have their attention, make them laugh! Emotional connections are very much needed, and can bloom into something much more intense later.

Feeling more confident?

Just by having a little bit of an "in" you can gain confidence, find yourself more comfortable, and actually talk easier to whom you're desiring to get a bit closer to!


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How close did your sign compare to you, personally? Is this how to catch your eye?

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