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How to Avoid Getting Hurt

Updated on May 12, 2011


Explore  the possible reason why you get hurt one relationship right after another.  Learn to recognize your pattern.  Examine the types of people your attacked too and make changes.  Learn how to make better choices?



While their is no formula to keep you from getting hurt. Their are things you should be aware of while making your decision to begin another relationship. Learn to look at the big picture and change your pattern. Obviously you need to make changes if you are finding yourself in and out of relationships.

Staying out of relationships is not the answer. Looking back and learning from your past relationships will give you the answer to all your failed relationships.

Willingly change the types you sleep with will help minimize your failures of bad relationships. Stop jumping in the sack because you think that is what they want. Your only setting yourself up to get be-trade.

Stop being a victim of your own stupidity. Quit giving yourself away you will only feel empty.

Find Out if this Person Really Likes You

The only way to see if someone really likes you is to stay out of the sack and waite to see what happens.

Do they call you on a regular bases? Do they return your calls? Do they invite you to go out or meet up with friends? If the answer is yes then its a positive start. If the answer is no your wasting your time. Obviously you are not important to them so imagine if you would have slept with that person. How you would feel? You would have walked away feeling empty,used and be-trade.

Change the types of people you are normally attracted. Give other types a try! I challenge you to pick out a person to date that you would not normally date.

Open your mind to new possibilities and types of people. If you always were attracted to the same type, give the other types an opportunity. After all what you where attracted to in the past failed.

Be friend’s first get control of yourself keep some distance between the two of you. Resist the illusions that sex will make the other person want you more. Allow the other person time to get emotionally attached then grow together within the relationship.

If you wait and control yourself and learn the likes and the dislikes you will find your chances of a great relationship is more of a reality. You will not walk away from the relationship feeling empty cheated and used. You will feel like you both gave it a honest try if the relationship doesn’t workout at some point.

Questions You May Have about Relationships

How long should you wait before having sex in a new relationship?

Their is no answer to this question set in stone.  Every situation is different when it comes to sleeping with the opposite sex.  Age plays a big part,religion and mutual consent by both parties.  You must govern your own rules.  This means you need to control yourself and keep some distance between you when you are in a new relationship.

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