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How to Be Single and Keep Your Happiness

Updated on July 4, 2020
Be happy with or without a partner
Be happy with or without a partner | Source

Partner= Happiness?

It is not new that society seems to be obsessed with the idea, that one way or another everyone should have a partner. Magazines, newspapers, and the most popular social media profiles seem to perpetuate the idea that to be happy, you always have to have a person by your side. But is that entirely true? Read the following article to know a little more about this.

Born to Reproduce?

Many religions say that the main purpose of human existence on this planet is to reproduce, and that is why, a person can only complete his mission on this planet if he is accompanied by a person of the opposite sex to start a family. This contributed substantially into causing many older people to believe that the only way to be happy and fulfilled as a human being is to be in a traditional heterosexual romantic relationship.

However, times have changed, and today, both men and women are employed in other areas outside the family sphere and in these same areas they develop and obtain recognition. People dedicate themselves to what they love, and in many occasions, raising a family takes second place. However, still in this age and day, there are those who judge as selfish those who dedicate themselves more than anything to their work. But these people should be asked why it bothers them that singles live happily without having someone by their side. After all, there are a thousand and one different ways to find happiness.

You can care...

Being single does not mean at all that you are a selfish person. Quite the contrary. Many single people take advantage of their free time to do volunteer work or find some way to help others. It doesn't matter if someone has tried to make you feel this way, being single doesn't affect the way you love others and care about your community. A person's moral quality is not demonstrated by their marital status and the world would be a better place if more people understood it.

Use your free time to do what you love
Use your free time to do what you love | Source

Enjoy Being Single

Being single does not mean in any way that you have to obsess over finding a partner. Use this time alone to get to know yourself better. Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you could work to improve as a human being. So, when you can find the right person for you, you can let him or her enter your life on a calm and fulfilling way for both of you.

And if the right person takes a little longer to enter your life, it doesn't matter. At the very least, you will have learned valuable lessons about yourself during the time you were single. Loneliness should never be seen as something to avoid, since if you have the maturity to assimilate and make good use of time spent alone, you will discover that during the time you spent without a partner you learned a lot about yourself, your life, and the direction you want to give to it. This will help you to mature in a remarkable way as a human being.

7 Rings

Happy with or without you

The thought that the other person can completely solve their lives ruins many relationships, even before they begin. Therefore, learn to feel at peace, both alone and with a partner. In this way you will understand that no one can fulfill your dreams more than you. A partner will not give you a magic solution to all your problems. The happiness you long for will only come into your life if you work hard and strive for it. No one else will fulfill your dreams for you, don't forget it.

What can you spend your time on if you're single? The options are endless. As mentioned earlier in this same article, one option is to dedicate yourself to helping others by volunteering. But if yours is pleasure, there are a thousand and one ways to pass the time. You can dedicate yourself to studying what you couldn't in the past, travel even more, catch up on music or movies, pamper yourself with a spa treatment ... What matters is that you spend the time you are without a partner in the best way possible.


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