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How to Become An Interesting Person

Updated on January 7, 2015

You meet them. Then you want to meet them again. They seem so cool. There’s something about them. You can feel it even though you cannot clearly put a finger on what exactly it is about them but you know it’s there.

They just make you feel great.

Hence, we seek them out because we want to be in their company. You look ahead to meeting them again. We want to hear them and their opinions. Their words and actions seem to move us.

Who are these people?

They are interesting people. They can be found everywhere around you and they can be found in both sexes. These people, they give you a reason to want to continue living because all hope is not lost. In short, they give you life!

So many people can be described as interesting. Unfortunately, so many people can also be described as uninteresting.

Many people would like to become interesting themselves. This is because, ignore or deny it as much as you like, we always want another person to like us. We always want another person to see as someone great or lively or special or important or simply just awesome.

Yes. We wouldn’t like anyone to use the word ‘boring’ to describe us.

In this article, I am going to illustrate those simple qualities that make someone appear as an interesting person and could equally make all the difference in differentiating someone as either interesting or duuh

So, here they are:


Interesting people are often very knowledgeable. They seem to know or have so many facts about things that matter. Because of their wealth of knowledge, they also seem to be somewhat experienced and ahead of time.

If you take your time to think about most, if not all the interesting people you may have met in your life, you will find this to be true.

Interesting people take out their time to constantly build on their knowledge. They are often curious about life and things that goes on around them which explains why they seem to always have their own opinions on just about everything you can think of.

The result of all their effort in getting ahead of time and in becoming more and more informed is often expressed in the fact that they can give good advice as well as easily hold a conversation—on various topics—with lots and lots of interesting things to say and with all open-mindedness which makes them to appear even more interesting.


Interesting people oftentimes have some form of mystery surrounding them. It is this mystery that draws people towards them.

People want to come into their world, to see things from their own point of view, to experience this life from their own angle, in fact, people always want to know what makes them tick.

They always seem to have ‘something’ going for them and people wouldn’t mind to find out what that something really is, and so like bees to honey, we helplessly find ourselves swarming towards them.

Smile for I bring you so much happiness!
Smile for I bring you so much happiness!

Most interesting people already know this and some will go as far as doing anything to perpetuate the mystery and keep you enthralled. This might as well explain why most of our popular stars are often embroiled in one form of controversy or another because they already know that fame and notoriety usually serve the same purpose.

Most times, when you get real close to such interesting people, you will still be shocked to find out that there is nothing so special or different from them, but you know what…?

It still works like magic and you will still court them that attention simply because you will find it so surprisingly and unbelievably difficult to believe that there is nothing so special or wonderful about them—after all.


...About something. They are always talking about this something. They always seem to have this particular goal or mission or assignment they want to accomplish, like it is their sole purpose for coming to this planet.

And you know what?

You suddenly find yourself wishing, wanting, or working towards the same goal, if not for anything but just for the curiosity that makes you want to share in the fun the interesting person is supposedly having—all thanks to his often infectious enthusiasm.


Of course. Interesting people are usually teachers. If you recall, we said that they are often knowledgeable which also implies that that they will also have the tendency to disseminate that knowledge hence they can easily become teachers, teaching and enlightening others from their superior wealth of knowledge.

Now, it’s a fact of life, that people always want more of anything that is good, and since most of us are always seeking to increase our own knowledge and experience, it follows that we naturally cluster around these people we often find interesting.


We tend to like those who are talented, most especially, those who seem to have those rare talents that we don’t have ourselves.

We find such talented people interesting. We are happy and rejoice with them when they win. And the fact that most of their successes comes as effortlessly as it seems, at least to us, looking from the outside, we naturally also tend to become obsessed with them too.

We want to feel inspired by them. The reason for this is no brainer simply because it follows that most of us are inherently, though latently talented and we secretly have this notion that being around those who are talented might as well rub off on us.

We appreciate their creativity and we would always want to know how they keep on coming up with their ideas and deep insights which we deem to be sublime.

Simply put, their talent is what keeps us in awe.

Not necessarily a crowd follower.

Now this is something that is of point worthy. Inasmuch as we tend to like those who are like us, who share the same opinion with us, who like the things we like, who look like us in everything little way you can imagine, there’s always this fascination we tend to have for those who seem different from us.

We may not want to admit it but we secretly love their individuality and originality. We love their boldness, or should I say their courage to be different because we already know that it takes so much balls to be so.

Similarly, we secretly love their perceived aloofness because we know that they are less likely to be influenced by others as they are not crowd followers and they seem like they ‘don’t give a damn!’

When they speak, we tend to listen and believe them because we know they often have and speak their own minds and they are not just people pleasers looking for someone to impress which invariably means that we can easily trust them because of their frankness.


Yes. Interesting people are usually those with good sense of humor. And people, most especially women, know this. And so when you are with them, you are also guaranteed they are surely going to make you laugh with this their sense of humor.

One other thing with funny people is that they can easily make you spot the other, and in most cases, the funny side of the coin you may not have been able to see. Don’t forget that most funny people are often times very smart too.

Funny people usually make your own troubles seem lighter or even disappear—momentarily. They expose you to the brighter side of life. They make you want to forget your own sorrows with their rib cracking antics. When you are with them, like someone under some psychedelic influence, you always have this feeling of being infected with their optimism.

No wonder you always want to be and be seen them again, and again, and again…

Not judgmental

Of course, they are usually very understanding too. They don’t seem to be pointing out to you those things that are wrong with your life neither are they in the habit of telling you how to run your own life.

In other words, they don’t necessarily do anything to show you that they are having a better life more than yours or that you need to upgrade or change yourself so as to be up to their level or to be seen in their company.

They don’t do class. They just accept you the way you are. Great!

When they are with you or talking with you, you just get the feeling that they are genuinely interested in you, or in what you have to say.

And so, naturally, you find out that you are so free with them and you don’t have any reason to assume airs or start acting in a strange manner different from the real you.

It's all about sharing
It's all about sharing

And this is simply because these interesting people are not judgmental.

You hardly hear them complain about things that are wrong with the world. You just get the feeling that they are not into worrying so much, if at all.

Of course, it is not hard for anyone to see that most interesting people are also those that seem to take life easy.

Highly energetic

This is one of the reasons why we are attracted to these people. They seem to have a lot of energy and when we want to share in that positive energy they seem to radiate effortlessly and endlessly.

They are often animated and we get motivated and energized in their magnetic field. Their virility makes us feel like we can accomplish and get more things done just like them.

They walk energetically and they sway themselves in a way that suggests that their vitality is full to the brim, they are lively and youthful—which is very much attractive.

And helplessly, we just feel or so want to be like them.


Interesting people are usually flexible, or should I say formless. They seem quite unruffled by changes but rather something about them shows that they actually embrace change.

They often have that element of unpredictability attached to their lifestyles which makes it seem as if they can adapt to changes easily and instantly.

You find out that so many different people have different opinions about them. Ask anyone that you think knows them and they will confirm to you that the person has so many aspect to their lives.

To some, he’s a great guy. To some others, he’s just simply strange. And to some others, he is not what he seems to be.

But that’s okay because interesting people are also quite amorphous which is one of those things that drive that—you guessed right—mystique about them that we’ve earlier mentioned not quite a long time ago.

Likes people

This is just one of those qualities that makes them interesting. We can easily discern their love for other people.

They seem to enjoy human company. They seem so friendly with their welcoming smile. Always cheerful. Too helpful. Truthfully complimentary. And of course, very kind.

You cannot take out those qualities out of them and we cannot help but like them back simply because it is a well known fact that we as people, we always seem to like those who like us!

To say the truth, interesting people rock!

So it is not a bad idea at all if you start today to aspire to become an interesting person.

Now that I have said it, I know that you might be wondering now: how many of these qualities do I have already or do I need to have or possess before I can be seen as an interesting person?

Well, funny as it might sound, the answer is just ONE!

Just one will be okay for a start but then again, as with all good things in life, the more the better!

So my advice, if you want to be an interesting person, start with any one of these awesome qualities which comes easier to you and then gradually work your way into other ones and before you know it, everyone will be seeking your company.

Just think about it. More friends. More fans. More admirers. More followers. More haters. More fame. More respect. More…more…more…

But before you can get there, you have to do your own part first. Yes, first of all, you have to develop an interesting personality.


Bottom line: interesting people have great and attractive personality which can only be explained by the fact that they seem to be so confident and so sure of themselves and that feeling alone gives us who want to be like them so much hope as we strive to identify ourselves in them.

So it’s up to you now. What are you waiting for? You now have the blueprint so start today to work yourself into becoming an interesting person.

It is well.


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