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How to Care for Men's Oily Skin

Updated on March 7, 2016

Buy a Cleanser

Buy a cleanser that is odourless and detergent-free. Foamy cleansers are recommended for mopping up the excreted oil; they not only wash the face but get deep down in the pores. Cleanse your face every morning before shaving and before going to bed. Soap bars do not have the same impact on oily skin as cleaners and should be avoided


Exfoliation is a method of clearing the oily skin of these dead skin cells. Men’s oily skin contains a lot of dead skin cells, which jam the pores. They block the sebum from secreting, which might cause infection. This is one of the main causes of acne and pimples; the redness around the pore is a result of this. There are two ways of exfoliating men’s oily skin – mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation involves a lot of scrubbing and scraping, while the chemical form infers the application of some over-the-counter products.

Buy a Skin Toner

A skin toner isn’t unlike a cleanser, but it’s more specific and perfect in order to take care of men’s oily skin. It’s essentially a cosmetic which eliminates oily residues on the skin and closes the pores. There are three types you can purchase over the counter – skin fresheners, skin tonics or astringents. They all contain 4 to 15 per cent of alcohol – which is the cleanser essentially – and a substance such as glycerol, which gives your oily skin a smoother feel.

Be Diet Conscious

If you care for your oily skin, then you should consider your diet. Certain foods can trigger an excess oil production. Sugary and oily foods are thought to be one of the core causes of men’s oily skin, but this may not be the case. Bananas and tomatoes can trigger it too. Best oily skin care practice is to test certain foods against your skin’s subsequent reaction to them and make a decision based on that.

How to Control Oily Skin: Tips for a shine free face

Using Moisturizers

If all else fails, using moisturizers may be your last resort in taking care of your oily skin. Ways of taking care of oily skin has been baffling scientists and researchers for years and they haven’t been able to isolate its cause or manufacture a definitive solution for it. Let’s hope these oily skin care tips can help clear up your clogged pores.


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