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How to Choose Unique and Elegant Wedding Souvenirs based on Personality

Updated on March 31, 2016

Wedding is sacred moment for couple in love. One thing you should remember is wedding souvenir. Wedding will not perfect without it. Choose the unique and elegant souvenir as the way you thanks for guests. Avoid ordinary souvenir because there are hundreds of unique and elegant souvenirs out there. You can choose wedding souvenir with elegant gift box. The important thing, it should represent the couple personality and wedding theme. Here some tips how to choose the best wedding souvenir just for your precious moment.

Elegant Wedding Souvenir
Elegant Wedding Souvenir

1. Personalize Souvenir

You can visit handcraft workshop and discuss with the owner about the best type of souvenir for your wedding. If you have a design, discuss with craftsmen about material and price. Do not forget to ask the alternatives or combination so it represents your personality. As examples, little photo frame or key chain is unique wedding souvenir ideas for you. Handcraft usually gave discount and more cheaper compare to buy it at souvenir store.

2. Unique Souvenir

Souvenir should relevant and match with wedding decoration, place, and moment. You can choose a unique souvenir like handcraft from overseas. There are many online shops who sold handmade souvenirs. Please choose the unique one based on your personality. As illustration, you can choose miniature guitar souvenirs if both of you music lovers.

3. Useful Gift and Box

You can choose wedding gift which has function like small photo frame, key chain, bottle opener, brooch, etc. In other way, if you choose souvenir with box, you can design that box has function like little box to put pin, pendant, or to put in table or cabinet as souvenir. For instant, bottle opener with magnet will be put in refrigerator door.

4. Nice Gift Box

Do not give your wedding souvenir in “naked” without box or wrap. Little nice gift box or transparent plastic wrapper with ribbon is good ideas. Remember to put both couple name or initial in it. Choose the right color box, wrapper, and ribbon so it matching your wedding decoration and invitation card. Box forms are varied like rounded, box, etc and choose the elegant one.

5. Seasonal Wedding Souvenir

If your wedding time is near to seasonal moment like Christmas or new year, you can choose or make a little touch so it relevant to the seasonal moment. Unique Christmas decoration is elegant idea where your wedding souvenir will be one of nice decoration during Christmas. People will remember your wedding while they rejoice with the special seasonal event. So, happy hunting wedding souvenir!

Wedding Souvenir Made by yourself
Wedding Souvenir Made by yourself | Source

6. Made by Yourself

If you have enough time and unique souvenir idea in your mind, why don’t you made it yourself? If you ask others to make it, sometimes it not matches with your idea. Guest will be surprise to receive a personal handmade souvenir by the couple. As advices, you should consider budget, time, material price and where to buy it, equipment, and total cost. I wish you success with creativity of making your own elegant wedding souvenir.


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