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How to Compliment a Woman Without Being Cringy

Updated on June 4, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

How to compliment Her Without Sounding Like a Stalker

I have had some over-the-top compliments, I have had some gross compliments, embarrassing ones and pretty damn clever ones too.

Most men are great at saying all of the obvious stuff. You're so beautiful, you're so gorgeous, you have a great body. Don't get me wrong, I love all of that superficial stuff.

What men don't realise though, is that we women don't want you to think that's all we are. Sure we want to hear that we look beautiful in the new dress we've just spent eighty quid on. But don't go on about it.

Not only that, it's in the way you say it.

Don't Go Over-Board

A compliment is great. Three or four in a row, or going on and on about our gorgeousness is actually a bit cringy, not to mention embarrassing for us. I mean, what are we supposed to say in response. Are you waiting for us to return the compliment? Because we probably won't. Do you think we are loving all of the attention and we are sure to say yes when you ask us out of a date?

Compliment us too much and you're already onto a loser. We might have fancied you a couple of minutes ago, but now you're starting to look desperate. We're starting to wonder what is wrong with you.

You Women Are Never Satisfied

Yeah, I know it sounds like that, but we are different than you. We could compliment you all night and the only negative for you would be that you might not be able to get your massive head out of the door on your way out.

Would you want to see us again? Probably, but you'd soon get bored. Where's the challenge?

What Compliments Work Best?

Like I said, we do love a superficial compliment or two. But maybe more of a: That dress looks amazing on you or You hair looks great like that. Superficial yet thoughtful.

We love it when you compliment us on our intellect or our wit. You've noticed that we're more than the sum of our looks. You are clearly on it, a bit of a catch. Someone who sees deeper than the surface is someone worth giving our time to.

Ask us about our work, our family, our likes and dislikes and then say something complimentary about our life choices or our dedication to our work. It would be nice if you actually meant it, but we won't know one way or another with a couple of vodka's inside of us.

You're Hilarious - Girls just love this one. I get it all of the time, that's because I am super-funny and totally hilarious. Then again, maybe I'm just being complimented by clever guys. The one's that read articles like this. Hmmm. I am hilarious though, really I am.

You Look Great Today - Simple but effective. Great for second dates. Women tell other women this a lot. I always say it if I notice a friend looks particularly good.

There's Just Something About You - Girls love this one. It makes us feel treĊ› special. We will be into you in no time at all.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, women do not want random guys touching them. If we barely know you the last thing we want is your hand on our waist while you tell us we are the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. We will assume you are a stalkery nut job and make our excuses before your hand moves south and we have to slap you hard across the face.

You might get away with a gentle touch of the arm, if it's obvious we rather you like you and all of your clever compliments, but that really is the limit.

Be Interesting

Talk about yourself by all means, but tell us the interesting stuff. Leave out the bit about how loads of women at work fancy you and your ex girlfriend won't stop texting you. Pepper the conversation with questions about us and ask us our opinion on a quandary you are in. Make one up if you have to. Women like solving problems for other people. Then you can say what amazingly insightful advice we give too!


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