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How to Date a Man Who Would Never Cheat on You

Updated on June 18, 2013

A healthy relationship is the stepping-stone to a person’s physical and emotional health and well-being.

So, the question is: How to remove a man from your life who would cheat in a relationship?

This will avoid the heartaches and the drama, which involves tears, and the result is that an individual will throw oneself on the bed sobbing and cursing the individual whom she trusted, but has cheated upon her.

Is there a solution to it?

Yes, there is.

As the saying goes, “ Behind every successful man, there is a woman behind it.”

A woman plays a pivotal role in the success of any relationship. If she lays some ground rules and makes sure the partner follows it; chances are that the relationship is bound to succeed.

Lay a good foundation: Just as a building needs a good foundation to stand high and tall and withstand all that nature throws at it; a sound relationship can also sustain any bruises if its’ foundation is laid strong.

Some qualities needed to lay a strong foundation are:

  • Genuine Friendship--This is an essential base for communicating when any sort of storm is thrashing your relationship. If you and your man are honest to each other about your feelings and do not get intimidated by correcting each other; this friendship will help you talk your heart out to each other and will avoid you to get in such a mess where your man could cheat upon you.
  • Trust--This is another crucial factor for a good foundation. Having faith in each other and confiding your heart out will avoid any individual in a relationship to cheat.
  • Self Control-Learning, to balance one’s priorities and to live with dignity will help restrain your man to other attractions and help prevent him from cheating upon you.
  • Sharing-- Sharing means caring. Women usually are sensitive in this aspect, but this bug of sharing gets on to men too. A change in their attitude is seen towards their woman. This sharing attitude can bring out the love and sensitiveness of a man, which will avoid him to cheat upon his woman.
  • Memories lane-- A relationship makes many memories as it walks downs the years. Women are emotional beings, and they usually mark their first kiss, their first date, their first fight or argument or their first of anything possible on the surface of this planet. Men tend to get receptive about it and could get all mushy when taken down the memories lane. If the memories you have made with your man bring a smile to each one of them; chances are that he will stick to make more of those pleasant memories.
  • Compatibility-- A couple should have some common interests besides physical attraction. This will help them deal with various issues and make a mutual decision on it. Any kind of stress and pressure cannot be handled by your man, so if things are solved with affection and a positive attitude, chances of your man goofing around with someone else when a problem arises; will be dim.
  • Love-- This is the most essential element in any relationship. It takes love and affection to make any relationship last and malleable enough to endure the good and the awful times. If there is love between a couple, chances are extremely dim for the man to be venturing out for some passion or emotional support. He will be there with enduring compassion and patience to help through a difficult phase in a relationship.

For any relationship, to work, it takes all the above qualities to make your partner stick to you especially in times of difficulty.

Respect each others' presence and do not take them for granted.


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