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How to Deal With Uncertainty in Your Relationship

Updated on September 30, 2010
Communication is the key!
Communication is the key! | Source

When or if uncertainty, doubt, or an unsettled feeling hits your home it’s time to talk. If there’s one thing you should be sure of, it should be the one you love. Suspicion and mistrust does not make for a healthy loving relationship. Furtiveness should not be excused excepted or ignored. Communication is undoubtedly the only way to deal with that uncertain feeling you have. 


The reason communication is important is because you need the reassurance from your partner to make that uncertainty feeling cease. Talking it out is the only way; sometimes people mistake ones actions for something that really may not be.


Take for instance your partner has been having a stressful week without your knowledge and did not want to weigh you down. However, you are feeling left out and wondering what is going on. Your mate is short with you, not hungry, sleeps whenever they can, late from work and all their normal habits has changed. You are left trying to understand their new actions. When actually they are trying to spare you from the stress they are dealing with, not knowing what this is causing you. Now if something like this is left to your imagination it will take your mind somewhere you wouldn’t want to be. Communication is the tool that will help both sides of any uncertainty that might exist.


There are some cases where your uncertainty is warranted based on the actions of your mate over a period of time and these actions has proved that your mate has been untruthful, deceptive and sneaky. Communication will also lead to solid certainty of your mate. With the lines of communication constantly open if there is truly a problem this is a way to continuously work to better this problem or talk out what avenue’s will need to be taken. Either way uncertainty in a relationship is a feeling that is definitely worth talking about and worth getting definite answers.


A healthy relationship is definitely certain and is not uncertain. Weather there is or is not a problem that exists or does not exist communication is the only way to get those uncertain questions answered and dealt with.


Uncertainty can be dealt with, but, it has to be dealt with, with communication. This is the way to air those uncertainties and get truthful answers. With those answers, the solutions will also come. None of this can be done without communication.


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    • kai777 profile image

      kai777 7 years ago from Chicago

      Very good topic and so true. I enjoyed the post! Kai

    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      I'm so glad i read this. thank u