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How to Deal with People Who Are Jealous of Your Success

Updated on July 26, 2017

Jealousy is something which each one of us face every now and then. There are people around us who are unhappy, incomplete, insecure and jealous of our success. The difference here is just that you are probably working harder than them. However, these people don’t get this simple thing for a very long period of time.

Such situations are very common amongst family members, relatives, colleagues, students etc. You may also encounter such people at any random place on any normal day. But wait, be cautious! They are danger if you don’t handle them the way you should.

Following are some of the precaution which you need to take care of when dealing with people who are jealous of your success.

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Avoid talking to them

While this may sound weird to you but its absolutely necessary. They will try to talk things which will disturb your inner peace. These people desperately wait for your one mistake so that they can make fun of you. They might try to contact you every now and then. Either on your phone or in person because they want to peep into your life.

They want you to feel low and ultimately give up on what all good you have been doing. So its better that you completely cut off them from your life. Avoid them and do not try to keep any more relation than just casual talk. Neglect their negative thoughts about you and do not let it influence you.

Do not tell them about your success

They will envy of your success. So do not tell them all about it. At least do not tell them often. Think of how difficult it has been for you to achieve the level of success. Would you want to tell someone all about it and later regret about it? I am sure no. Right? Their jealousy and sadness may make you feel that you are more fortunate than them. However, the truth is that you have worked hard to achieve your goals.

Another reason for not telling them all about it is they will copy your blueprint. And, if you both are competing with each other than it could be highly dangerous. So its better you talk less or nothing about your success in front of them.

Do not let their negativity influence you

It is possible that they might have developed negative attitude towards each and everything. This happens when they have failed at something or are unsuccessful for a very long period of time. Do not let their fear of failure influence you.

They might be looking for some company in their negative phase. They will try to make you like them. Instead of this, surround yourself with positive energy. Make your surrounding such that their words and actions does not influence you.

Reply them with confidence

They will bully you and make every attempt to bring you down. Do not let this happen. Reply them with confidence and make them realize that their dirty games are not affecting you.

Whether you are in group or alone, show them their place. While its good to ignore them, you will have to face them at times. Show them your confidence and do not lose eye contact while doing so.

Help them to achieve goals

You may not like to do this after figuring out their jealousy towards your success. However, if the person in front of you is ready to learn then show them the right path. Give them motivation to achieve their goals. Do not try this if the other person is not good towards you at all. In that case, its better to ignore them until they change their behavior. Remind them what they could achieve if they work hard.

Focus on your ambitions

You might get distracted when you first encounter such people in your life. These distractions can force you to forget your own path. So its better that you bang on with confidence. Focus on your own goals to ignore them completely.

Plan your days and organize your life to achieve all what you have been dreaming of. Don’t let their jealousy affect your ambitions. This will keep you busy day and night. It will in turn help you to forget these kind of people. This is one way to ignore them and keep doing your own thing.

Tell them that you don’t like them

You can use this tip when situations are getting out of control. If the other person is not ready to give up on their bad behavior. You can tell them on their face that you don’t like them.

Sometimes jealousy can get violent too. They might hurt you or create hindrances every now and then. This will distract you big time in achieving your goals. During such situations, break your silence. If things are getting out of control then you can take help of common friends or any third person to cut off with them.

Do not invite them to your place

Sometimes even after knowingly, we give chance to other people. However, it takes time for one to release jealousy from them. Do not invite them to your workplace or at home. Notice them first before sending them any kind of invite. They might get more jealous after looking at your lifestyle. This could create more trouble to you. So its better that you keep them away from your personal life too.

Final thoughts:

You and I, we all know that success does not come overnight. It takes one’s blood, sweat and tears to reach on top level in their field. We can not control the thoughts and behavior of people who are jealous of our success. However, we can definitely control our behavior and actions. So with these simple tweaks you can protect your journey of success from such people.


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