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How to Determine if You Have a Toxic Friend

Updated on August 23, 2011

On CW's Gossip Girl Blair and Serena are close friends but in Season one they were frenemies. In ABC Families Pretty Little Liars Alision constantly would put down her friends. How do you know if you have a friend who isn't true? Below are reasons how to tell if you have a toxic friend.

1) She never is happy for you when something exciting happens to you.

2) She instigates alot.

3) Whenever you are sad she won't cheer you up she just remains quiet.

4) When she has a boyfriend she won't hang out with you.

5) If someone says anything negative about you she finds it easy to tell you.

6) If you and her bf don't get along and he tells you he will break up with her if she talks to you she will listen to him so he won't break up with her.

7) She criticizes you alot.

8) When you hang up the phone with her, you don't feel happy.

9) If she has a zit or a bad hair day she will cancel plans with you.

10) She calls you only when you have a problem.

It is very hard to find true friends so if you happen to find yourself a true friend consider yourself lucky. Don't settle for the wrong people. It is better to have one true friend that a million fake ones. If you wait patiently, surround yourself with true people even if there is only one and have faith that the right friend is out there then eventually you will atrract more good friends.


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