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How to Do a Dating Background Check

Updated on June 19, 2013

Found the perfect new partner but not sure if you can trust them..?

Trust is a real issue in new relationships. After all, unless you've grown up with the person or unless you've taken the time to learn a lot about them, how do you know what kind of life they've had?

There's absolutely no shame in being a little bit suspicious about somebody... but can you really just stride over and ask "Hey you, have you been in trouble with the police?" or "Have you been divorced before?"

Of course you can't...

Is a Dating Background Check Sneaky?

The short answer to this is yes... but that doesn't mean it's wrong. You're protecting yourself after all - better safe than sorry!

If you're unsure about whether or not you should conduct an official background search on an individual, then consider the following points:

  1. How much do you trust them?
  2. Has somebody broken your trust before?
  3. What will the consequences be of letting them into your life if you don't?

The fact is, we all have our suspicions... and usually, they amount to nothing! But if you're the kind of person who gets suspicious easily, then isn't it better to find out safely and discreetly in advance instead of letting it build up inside you and potentially resulting in a false accusation?

Check out Wikipedia's definition of a Background Check

Who Uses Background Checks?

You'd actually be incredibly surprised as to how common conducting background searches actually is. Did you know...

  • Employers use background checks to make sure they aren't hiring ex-criminals
  • Landlords use background checks to make sure their future tenants are trustworthy
  • New business owners use background checks to find out how reliable their business partners are

And if you're suspicious of your partner - either your boyfriend, your girlfriend or otherwise - then this is no exception.

Make yourself safe, don't end up sorry.


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    • writeyourwrongs profile image

      John Crowley 5 years ago from Sheffield

      You speak true words Chris

    • profile image

      chrisinhawaii 5 years ago

      It's a sad commentary on our society when background checks are becoming the norm rather than the oddity...especially in our personal lives.

      But in a world of single parents, Internet hookups, multiple partners, warp-speed dating, and predators of all types, things like that just need to be done.