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How to Engrave Cake Servers For Wedding Gifts Using Engravers

Updated on May 30, 2012
Cake servers come in many different styles, and can be easily engraved.
Cake servers come in many different styles, and can be easily engraved. | Source

The wedding cake is an integral part of the wedding ceremony. An engraved cake server is a gift the wedding couple will use on their special day, and with every special cake afterwards. Engraved cake servers can be purchased online, or through specialty gift shops. But if you have an antique cake server, or a handmade one, you may want to do it yourself. Using an engraving tool, any special message may be engraved on the cake server, so it may serve as a memento for the special event.

Steps for Engraving Cake Servers

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  1. To start off, you'll need an engraver kit and the item needing engraving. If the area is already prepared (polished, and flat) then it is ready for engraving. However, if the item is an antique or is handmade, be sure the area needing engraving is flat and ready for text or a drawing to be placed on it. Then, clean the area well.
  2. Prepare the cake server being engraved by cleaning the area needing the message. Use an appropriate cleaner for the metal that will be engraved. Check the label to be sure the product may be used with the cake server. Silver plated utensils may use a metal cleaning product, but copper may require a cleaner unique to copper.
  3. Install the engraving stylus appropriate for the cake server's materials. Glass, stainless steel or copper handles may all require different points on the engraving tool to engrave properly. Consult the owner's manual for choosing the appropriate point for the engraver.
  4. Power up the engraving tool, by plugging it in and turning it on. Practice using it beforehand to ensure you are comfortable using the utensil. Position the engraver above the area to be engraved, holding it at the same angle you use a pencil. While holding the cake server down on the table with the opposite hand, touch the engraver on the server, and begin to inscribe the message.
  5. Write the personalized message on the cake server. As you write, adjust the depth of engraving if needed to achieve the best results. Apply even pressure when writing the message for best results, and use a steady hand to avoid any extra marks on the cake server being engraved.

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