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How to Enjoy Being Stuck on Single

Updated on November 17, 2011

Stuck on Single? Enjoy It!

Being the third wheel or the lonely social pariah is now a thing of the past! Single people can have fun too! There's no need to sit idly by and watch the couples have all the fun...Allow yourself to be envigorated with these tidbits on how to love your own company!

It's not that bad...


GET OUT! Not now, but RIGHT now.

Yes, you can take yourself on a date. Yes, you can enjoy dinner and a movie with yourself. No, standing in line on a Friday night at Coldstone's by yourself is not social suicide. Leave your house. You already know that a funk has begun to emanate from you as you spend night after night laid in your bed with the shades drawn.

So, ladies, go put on that dress that's you've been talking about wearing since forever. And guys, buff those shoes that have been under the bed collecting dust. And go party. Or head to the bar. Or hookah. Believe me, it's better than what you're doing right this very moment.


Find a hobby, for goodness sakes.

I've been really intriged by the adventurous LivingSocial deals that I get emails about every morning:

  • Lazy river rafting with drinks and food
  • Acrobatic trapeze lessons
  • Horseback riding through wine country

Don't wait until you meet a guy to purchase one of these deals. They only give you 4 days to buy, are you meeting anyone that quickly? If not, splurge on yourself. Hell, no one else is doing it at the moment.

Snap out of it!


Avoid these people at all costs..

Your mother. Your friends that are in relationships. Both will only end up making you feel worse. A mixture of guilt, jealousy and disgust at their pity will only make for a long night of reruns on Netflix while you surround yourself with DiGiorno. Or maybe you'll turn to the hard stuff, like a pint of Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls (haha, I love B&J for this one). Either way, put the phone down. Before you end up like that guy to the right.

Ally With Other Single People

There are vast resources to find other Singles who want to rally together in their singleness. Albeit, the usual reason is to make a match and not be Single anymore. But if there is anything that can reduce the depression of being alone, it's meeting other socially stunted single people. Encourage each other, team up and have fun together. Here are some resources to get you started:

  • I like this site because it makes it so simple. You find events in your area, and you find groups of people that like to meet each other. For instance, DC FUN and Educated SINGLE Professionals (fans of the UPPERCASE, I see)
  • Your local church's Singles Ministry: This would be a good opportunity for those that want to do something positive in the community with other singles. Which is never a bad idea.

Please Remember Why You Rock!

You're probably single for a reason. No one is prepared enough for your awesomeness at this very moment. Your next ex is somewhere trying to make enough money to take you on a first date. He (or she)'s probably watching you from somewhere waiting to make their move. And not in a creepy way, either. So try the following routes down memory lane to remember why you should be okay while you wait around:

  1. Go to your oldest FB pictures, and read the comments. You probably have some good friends sharing a laugh at your expense, and they made you feel good about your first bathroom pic with your dirty clothes on the floor.
  2. Open up your first diary, or your first rap notebook, or maybe your first poetry book. Start reading. Realize how far that you've come from that day and boast on how stupendous you were and how much better you are! Or maybe you sucked back then. Either way, today is a better day.
  3. If you're a pack rat, like myself, find some essays or math worksheets from high school. The ones with A or 100% at the top will feel the best for you.

Go relive your past and remember how bright your future looks!


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    • findawayormakeone profile image

      findawayormakeone 6 years ago from Washington, DC Metro Area

      Thank you Amda, I will!

    • profile image

      amda24 6 years ago

      I love it...go gurl!

    • findawayormakeone profile image

      findawayormakeone 6 years ago from Washington, DC Metro Area

      Thank you Jennifer! And I appreciate the Fan Mail and follow! I will definitely keep writing to keep the Singles inspired.

    • Jennifer Essary profile image

      Jennifer Essary 6 years ago from Idaho

      I began dating at the age of 15 and didn't get married until I was 34. There are perks to being single. Definitely don't let your parents, your married friends, or the media bring you down. They simply don't understand how we can enjoy being single. Voted up! Great Hub!