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How to Fix a Relationship That Is Falling Apart?

Updated on June 13, 2020
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Khalil Ur Rehman is a student of Computer Science in FAST-NUCES who writes articles based of extensive research on topics. Tea Lover!

No matter how strong a relationship is, sometimes even the strongest relationships face challenges. It’s difficult to build a strong partnership when there’s been a breach of trust. However, there is always a chance to regain trust.


How to fix the broken trust?

The first promise you need to make to yourself is to not fixate on the past but to improvise with healthy terms. Broken trust eats out love like a termite. The longer the issue stays unaddressed, the fewer the chances of a fix.

What to do if you broke the trust?

First, take full responsibility for what you did. You must stop covering up with lies and explanations. It would help to kill the prolongation of the matter. Stop defending and being offensive in defiance. Create a space for a healthy discussion. Accept what you have done.

Start being honest

Honesty starts by being honest with yourself. If you broke the trust, honestly identify whether you did it intentionally or it was just a momentary lapse in judgment. After you identify explain it to your partner why you did it. Remember, it’s all about being honest. Human psychology naturally accepts truth and reality when it revealed to them. The biggest misconception about telling the truth is the fear of adverse consequences. However, it’s the opposite, psychiatrists observed 80 percent of the time people politely accepting and praising when their loved ones reveal the truth. Remember, honesty is the best policy!

Actions speak louder than words

Stop convicting yourself in disappointment because it will not help. Try to show that you care for your partner. Focus on what makes your partner happy. Start with helping and being available. Show your spirit through your actions. For example, apologizing by reaching out and meeting up with roses is more pleasing than apologizing through text messages.

If your Partner has broken your trust?

Allow your partner to regain your trust. Do not stick to the issue and avoid lingering on. You have every right to be cross but try to see the broader perspective, it’s in your best interest. The most common cause of a breakup is over blaming. Human psychology doesn’t accept too much guilt, it builds hatred and leads people to break up and move on. In a nutshell: Avoid the blame game.

Consult a professional

Some matters need professional consideration. If you feel the situation is getting more complicated, seek professional help. Consider consulting a qualified therapist.

Is your Long-distant relationship is too dry?
Is your Long-distant relationship is too dry?

How to fix a long-distant relationship?

Being Physically apart for longer spans may cause a dry relationship. Being equally compassionate and romantic as being together is a hard task.

Make it clear

Discuss with your partner and manage expectations. Understand that both of you could not be physical more often. Try to be more patient because overall it all depends upon your patience.

Plan your dates

The most important thing in a long-distance relationship is meet-ups. It’s the time when you can do something special to make it last. Plan something different and surprising. If you are dating after long it’s important that you spend the entire day or at least try to spend as much time as possible. Rather than just eating food together, make your dates more memorable.

Don't think too much about your partner

No matter how much you miss your partner, don’t abandon the people around. Manage your time efficiently between your relationship, family, and work. Try to spend your time at work. It’s important not to lose interest in the life. Make sure everything is running smoothly.

How to fix you relationship when you are living together?

The hardest thing is going through a rough patch while living together. Most people end up living a separate life just because they are tired of watching themselves going through a rough patch together. They somehow sense living together is becoming more strenuous day by day.

Give Space

Before you end up with a breakup. It’s very important that you give each other some space while you are going through a rough patch. Live with your parents for some time. This will give ample space to think and make a better decision. It’s normal, almost every relationship goes through a rough patch, the key is not to make a wrong decision. Also, it’s necessary to come back and reunite as soon as possible. Prolonged separation may also end up your relationship.

Your ego is your enemy

Big egos will make your problems worse. For a healthy relationship to thrive you must not get compromised by your ego. Defending yourself even when you are guilty is you defending your ego. Separate your ego from your relationship.

Listen to your partner

If you are not a good listener than you may suffer throughout your relationship. People who hate listening have a higher chance of being opposed. Nelson Mandela stated that the key to building great relations with people is to listen first and to speak at last. Be a good listener.


Being more romantic can give your relationship immunity from dryness. It can rapidly boost your mood and reduce stress. If you are not on good terms, try starting slow. It’s important to build affectionate physical contact, to make it more interesting.


Most people let their emotions leap towards negative conclusions. Remember that being right is not always important. What matters is both persons feel respected and heard. Make wise decisions and try to see the bigger picture.

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