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How to Get Him and Make a Guy Crazy Obessed About You

Updated on February 24, 2019

How to Make A Guy Crazy In Love with You

Most guys won’t tell you that they actually love to be in love. In fact, some men need to be in a relationship, even more than some women do. A man feels centered and structured when he is in a relationship. It is his place where he is able to share his feelings, and show a side of himself that he doesn’t show with the guys. In our world today, only women are permitted to have bonds in their relationships. Men are generally simple creatures that want a female that is dedicated to their relationship. It’s hard to tell what a guy truly wants by just looking at him because they try to portray their alpha male side in front of other men. So what is it that men really want? How can we get his attention and make him crazy for us?

  1. Don‘t play too hard to get. Play fun to get. It’s certainly not fun for a guy to keep getting shot down every time he comes at you. Be fun an flirty but don’t be a slut. Act playful and teasing but just don’t take it too far.
  2. Be yourself. Accept yourself and don’t try to be someone that you are not. No guy wants a fake girl because he will lose all confidence in any feelings he has for you when you decide to change up on him. A man actually likes to have some consistency in the way a woman behaves. If you can accept all of who you are, everyone else will also.
  3. Appearance does matter. In fact, it is the most significant factor in male attraction than any other factor that draws their initial attention. Take care of yourself. You don’t have to be a prom queen but you do have to make an effort to enhance the beauty that is already in you. Men have a lower standard about looks than women. Someone a female thinks is just average, a male will think she is prettier than average. Personal hygiene is very important! You don’t have to be flawless but don’t be a slob; apply yourself
  4. Look good without wearring too much makeup. Makeup that is caked on is unattractive and makes you look like you are trying to hard. The more natural the makeup, the better. This also applies with your hair. Do not get too crazy with sprays and oils. Keep it natural.
  5. Laugh at his jokes; even when they are not too funny. Men love it when they can make others laugh. Rub his ego and make him feel good about himself when he is around you. This will draw him to you. Don’t overdue it but let him think he is funny.
  6. Act confident, not cocky. Make sure you don’t let him intimidate you. Try to tell yourself that you don’t care and establish that attitude. This will help you appear confident. Think about all the reasons that a man would be attracted to you and remover this when you are with him. Know that you are more than worth it and act like it.
  7. Make sure you are somewhat mysterious. Never let him know everything about you right away. Don‘t talk so much as you should listen. Give him pieces at a time. Make him want to keep coming back for more. This will drive him crazy and keep him on his toes. You never want to blurt out your entire life story when you are just getting to know him. A little mystery goes a long way. This really keeps a guy intrigued.
  8. Be subtle and don’t push to much. Let him know that other men want you. Now you don’t have to tell him this straight up but hint around the idea and show him. Men may not admit this but there is something about it when a man views his woman attracting other men. It might make him a little bit jealous and he will want you more.
  9. Made sure to always smell good and wear red as much as possible. Do not switch up perfume on him. Find out which one he likes best and make that your own signature smell. Wearing red attracts a man to you more than any other color.
  10. Don’t be clingy and needy. Make sure he knows that you have your own life and responsibilities and you are not going to neglect this for him or anyone else. Spend time away from him and pull back from contacting him. Let him contact you first for awhile. You don’t want to be too available. Make sure he knows that you have a life and other options as well.

Making a guy feel crazy about you is not too difficult.

Making a man crazy about you is not always hard. Now you just have to keep him interested but that should come naturally if you follow the tips above. You just need a few things you already have in yourself. So apply these tips to yourself and see he falls crazy in love for you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Stephanie Billon


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    • Stephanie Billon profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Billon 

      15 months ago from Kenosha, Wisconsin

      Thanks dashingscorpio,

      I guess the color red is good for a lot of psychological hacks as well.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      15 months ago from Chicago

      Excellent advice!

      Not sure about the color (red) and one person's "clingy' is another person's affectionate. Observing #2 is what really matters.


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