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How to Get Over Someone You Like?

Updated on August 27, 2012

"Well, now

If little by little you stop loving me
I shall stop loving you
Little by little
If suddenly you forget me
Do not look for me
For I shall already have forgotten you"

When Pablo Neruda nailed these words verse per verse, man- I wish that forgetting someone is as easy as understanding the lyrics of his poetry. Everybody knows that forgetting someone is as tough as forgetting your childhood, bad memories. And if poetry can help, then--everyone will not stop writing until they run out of words, until their fingers bleed or until that someone will stop bugging and appearing on their mind. But, man- it ain't easy. It's tough. Really, really tough. And whatever technique that your psychologist and your friends suggested for you to do, it just won't work. You can't erase or forget him or her that easily. He/ she still plays in your mind 12 hours a day or 24 hours around (if you can't sleep by thinking of him/her) no matter how many times you are doing the bungee jumping, or how many times you slam your head on the firewall.


However, don't lose hope. Hope is the least you can have. Hope that someday, you will forget him. Or at least I have. If you are seeking strategies, methods, techniques or ways to forget someone, and you stumbled on this article, welcome to my boat my friend- you are not suffering alone. I am in the process to forget over someone.

Well, in my case- it's not my first time around to forget about him. It was actually my third time. Third time with the same person. Over and over again. Ha? Shocking? Well yes, I can't tell you my story because I have fear that he might be reading this. He doesn't actually know that I like him. Or maybe, he does. Oh yeah, I know- I heard your thoughts saying, "How stupid she can get"?

Ha, yeah- I really need to forget him. Badly. And, this time for good. Oh, well- too bad. Because I just can't forget him so easily. Why do we have to like someone and then, find ways to forget him? Isn't cupid playing with us?

Well, that just my luck I guess. If I was able to forget him and get on my ways before, why not now?

1. Accept it. Admit the feelings that you are hurt. Embraced the feeling. Because if you keep on denying it, it will get worse. It is a process. It will keep on playing on your mind, so fresh, but trust me - you will get over him. And remember, there is no quick eraser for that.

2. Give yourself a "You" time. Reflection? Recollection of the things that you both done in the past will be coming back unto you every seconds. Go in your room and if you think that crying will help. So be it.

3. Go for a run. Exercise. Sweat. And just be active. I love running. And running helps me sweat and makes me think so positive. It actually helps. I recommend that you should do that.

4. Talk. Chat. Have a friend over. Or laugh at it. It actually helps. If to make fun of yourself over your feelings over someone, then-make a joke out of it, but don't let your friends control the conversation. If you are in control, laugh at it- your friends will understand that you are consoling yourself.

5. Give it a time. There is no hurt that can't be healed by time. Time heals the wounds. If you think that it is impossible right now, that's why I'm saying-- let it flow. But, trust me- time will help you recover.

The funny thing about liking someone though is that, you will be able to forget that you have feelings over the person, but you will not be able to forget that that person exist. One day, you will say- that you will remember the guy but you don't remember the feelings anymore.

So- my friend, all is good in love and peace.


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    • jojo29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jane Boucheirre 

      6 years ago from CA

      You cannot really forget a 7 year relationship for a year. Wow--it must have been too hard for you. But--- they said that to forget someone, it depends on the person. I read somewhere that if you can't forget someone in a year, give it two or three years before you can totally forget her.

      I liked this advice from Richard of Texas of the Book : Eat, Love and Pray---

      You have to move on. Find somebody new to love someday. Take the time you need to heal, but don't forget to eventually share your heart with someone. Don't make your life a monument to her /to your ex. They said that best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

    • islandsbeauty808 profile image

      Kanani Asagra 

      6 years ago from Nanakuli,Hawaii

      Dear jojo I know first hand how it feels to try to forget someone that you love, I recently just got out of a 7 year relationship and man its been 1 year ago since we have been apart and till this day i still cannot get her out of my mind what should I do and how do I move on?


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