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How to Get Your Boyfriend Back Fast

Updated on July 17, 2013
Get Him Back Today...
Get Him Back Today...

Breaking up without mutual consent can be extremely painful, especially when you are head over heels and aren't sure exactly what went wrong in your relationship.

There is hardly ever any situation in a relationship which cannot be fixed if you time it right and avoid acting impulsively. If you were on the receiving end of a breakup recently and are wracking your brain for how to get your boyfriend back, here are some foolproof ways that will make him see you in a whole new light.

Give him his space

It is common knowledge that even when in a serious relationship, guys want their space. Your ultimate goal should be to give him his freedom and not suffocate him, for nothing will drive away a guy faster than nagging or suffocation.

If he broke up with you recently, give him time to get over his anger and resentment. Do not contact him constant emotional pleas for attention, for he will be unable to handle them and run away. Give him time to mull things over and realize what went wrong.

Do not make angry speeches or cry in front of him. Sometimes space is just what a guy needs to realize he cannot do without you.

Do not become a recluse

After the first few days of ice cream and Friends reruns, becoming a recluse will set you back. Staying at home watching old movies and sobbing will neither do you any good nor will it work any wonders for your self esteem. Go out, be social, and find interests and hobbies to keep you active and distracted.

Not only will this help you stay busy enough to not smother him with questions and blame, you will also become attractive to him once again, for guys find nothing sexier than an independent woman capable of taking care of herself.

Go about your life as usual, contact him sometimes just to let him know he is on your mind, and you will have him wanting to get in touch in no time at all.

Avoid bringing up bitterness from the past

No matter what the reason behind your breakup and no matter how wrong you think he was, whenever you talk, do not bring up his past mistakes or flaws. If you are done wondering how to get your boyfriend back and actually want to start putting your plans in action, always remember to never bring up the bitterness from the past and to never try to pin the blame on him.

If you want him back, you should be willing to start over and let go of all your anger and resentment.

Don't try and become friends

The friend zone is a recipe for disaster. Don't fall into this "got to keep contact with him" trap. It will backfire. Think "mystery". You can't be mysterious and have him wonder what you're up to if you're calling him out to coffee every 3 days, can you? Probably not.

You also don't really want him thinking that you're too available. The less you say after a breakup, the more you'll occupy his mental space. If he knows every detail of what you've been up to, that's doesn't really inspire him to pick up the phone to call you and find out.

Let's hear how you got your boyfriend back fast, below in the comments!

What are your biggest fears or concerns about your success with men?

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    • WhyHeLeft profile imageAUTHOR

      Elizabeth Stone 

      8 years ago from Las Vegas

      William- Thanks for the comment! I think you're right. Giving him his space and not isolating are 2 of the best things that someone can do to get their boyfriend back.

    • William Norman profile image

      William Norman 

      8 years ago from Cross Plains, Texas

      The two most important on the list:

      1. "Give him his space." If you keep coming around, you will keep reminding him of WHY you are broken up.

      2. "Don't be a recluse." You should have a life. If he knows you are out having fun, he will wonder what he's missing out on.


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