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How to Have Confidence in Yourself

Updated on September 18, 2012

Are you having bad luck in relationships, jobs and friendships? One of the main causes of not rising to the top is not having confidence in oneself. Here are ways to have more confidence in yourself so you can achieve anything you want.

1) Look in the mirror and smile for 10 seconds.

2) Name three things that you like about yourself.

3) Tell yourself that you are worthy of; love, good friends, and the job you want.

4) Listen to upbeat songs like "I Believe I Could Fly."

5) Sing along to positive songs.

6) Repeat affirmations, you can google them.

Here are six ways of having confidence in yourself. It may be hard at first depending on how much self-esteem you have. Keep working on it and soon not only will you have confidence but you will see how your life is changing in a positive way.


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    • whitneyz profile image

      whitneyz 6 years ago from Crown Point, IN

      Great tips. I have linked to your hub. I wrote one that is similar. If you link to mine we may be able to help each other out with hits and numbers. Very good ideas. Keep up the good work!