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How to Have a Long Lasting Relationship or Marriage

Updated on September 14, 2013

There is No Such Thing as an Easy Relationship

Relationships and marriages are an extremely difficult element of life to make everlasting, loving, and sacred. Most people hang on for awhile, but when it begins to become difficult someone flees instead of fighting harder to hold on to the person that they love. People who grow separately in a relationship are more than likely to be the ones who end up separating, getting divorced and breaking up. There are many factors in a relationship or marriage that forces people to argue, cut off communication, and leave each other. There is no such thing as an easy relationship, every relationship has its own hardships, obstacles, and difficulties, but to make an everlasting relationship people must move forward, hang on tight, support each other, and love each other unconditionally. Do not flee from love, stand strong and fight.


Always Support Each Other

To keep a relationship or marriage strong the people involved must support each other through any hardship or obstacle in life. People struggle in life, but they can also conquer and overcome any obstacle with hard work, dedication and support. If one person in the relationship is stressed and going through a difficult time in their life, it is important that their significant other strongly stands by their side, holds their hand, gives them a shoulder to cry on and a crutch to lean on. Just as one should support their significant other during difficulties, one should also support them through successes and triumphs. If one succeeds it is important for the other to show excitement and happiness for the person they love. If one does not support the other through hardships and through success the relationship will weaken.

Always Have Open Communication

In order to live with someone for a long period of time, having open communication is a necessity. For a relationship to work the people involved must talk about their everyday life, talk about stress and obstacles, talk about the future, and keep communication open without becoming upset or angry with each other. The people involved in a serious relationship must speak to each other on a daily basis, not just about trivial things, but about everything that is on their mind, so the other has the opportunity to help, give support, engage in communication, and give advice to the other.

Never Keep Secrets

Keeping secrets from each other can be disastrous and can destroy a relationship faster than one can build one, especially if those secrets are dark. Secrets keep people at a distance, and disallows others to get close and get into the soul. If one keeps secrets from their significant other it cause guilt, tension, discomfort, and irritability. It takes a lot of work to keep a secret, and after time it will become apparent in ones attitude, body language, and arguments. Secrets are dangerous in a long term relationship because if the other person discovers a secret, they will become furious and vengeful, which only destroys a couple and breaks them apart.


Keep Separate Bank Accounts

Everyone struggles with finances, but when a couple has a joint bank account and one person is a little more irresponsible than the other when it comes to spending, it causes great strain on the couple. Keeping the bank accounts within the family separate will only decrease the stress of finances because each person has control over the money that they have raised on their own. Do not get confused, just because each person has a separate bank account does not mean that the people within the relationship or marriage should not help each other, split the household costs, and take care of each other. If the bank accounts are separate one cannot spend unwarranted money on the other, but instead both can work together, split costs equally, and help each other when necessary.


Have Sex

Sex is a very personal and a very intimate aspect of a relationship and marriage. Sex is also a very crucial aspect of a happy, successful, and everlasting relationship and marriage. Sex relaxes and calms people. Sex releases endorphins which make both people feel happier and reduces stress, as well as creating a physical and emotional bond with one another.

Love Each Other Unconditionally

Always support each other, speak to each other, be open with one another, and love each other unconditionally every second of every day. Hold each other, hug each other, kiss each other, have sex, and always tell each other how much love is shared within the relationship or marriage. Love is the cornerstone of the entire relationship, it holds it up, keeps it standing strong, and prevents it from crumbling.

Never Stop Learning about Each Other

When two people are in a serious and committed relationship or marriage, they can never stop learning about each other, even if they have been together for years, people always change, they always grow, and they always learn. It is a fascinating and intimate experience to grow in all aspects of life with someone that holds a special place in ones heart. So always be open and embrace change within the relationship, because it is bound to happen eventually.

Never Give Up

Everyone struggles through life, everyone has good days and bad days, everyone becomes overwhelmed and stress, and sometimes when people are in a relationship these hardships get brought into the relationship and causes tension. It is important for a couple to never give up on each other, but supports and love each other through the tough times so that the good times can become great. Always allow the relationship to continue to grow and blossom.



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    • BeverlyHicksBurch profile image

      Beverly Hicks Burch 4 years ago from Southeastern United States

      Today is my 10th wedding anniversary with my Tall & Handsome (my blog readers know him by that name). We're older and both had previous marriages. We grieve the fact we haven't had more years together, especially our younger years.

      My birthday in Jan. 2 and last year he brought me beautiful red roses. I wrote a blog post (I write three blogs in addition to HubPages) about his gift.

      The post was called Middle of the Bench and was based on the quote "Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of the bench when there is plenty of room on both ends."

      He's my middle of the bench person.

      Beautiful post, Jami.

    • anupma profile image

      Dr Anupma Srivastava 4 years ago from India

      Your given suggestions really work. I am a newly wed. To understand and respect each other differences is really very important.

      Thanks for sharing such informative hub.