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How to Have the Most Satisfying Wedding on a Budget

Updated on November 14, 2013

7 Tips On How to Have the Most Satisfying Wedding on a Budget

Couples should learn how to have the most satisfying wedding a budget that they can because it allows them to start their life together without a hefty debt to pay. Here are 7 tips for you to consider when planning your wedding that are sure to save you money.

#1 Save on alcohol.

In other words, stick to wine and beer and avoid having an open bar with cocktails when seeking a wedding on a budget. Obviously beer and wine are cheaper and don't require someone to mix. You can also look for beer and wine sales and buy them in bulk which will also save you money. Some vendors also offer discounts for buying by the case.

#2 Have the wedding earlier in the day.

This is actually a great way to save on alcohol as well. People tend to drink less if a wedding and reception are held earlier in the day.

#3 Don't get your wedding cake from the caterer.

You would be surprised but some make wedding cakes as a sideline business right from their home. Ask around, check public posting boards, and look at Craigslist and you might find the right person. You can always shop for and buy a cake from a bakery shop as well. Check with you caterer though and make sure a wedding cake is not part of the contract.

#4 Serve finger food instead of a full-course meal.

For many, wine, beer, and finger food make a great combination for eats at a wedding plus it will save you a bundle. Check with take-out fried chicken restaurants as well because they oftentimes have very affordable prices for group meals.

#5 Don't hire dinner service.

Obviously you'll pay less when you don't have wait staff. The simplest way is to have serving dishes where everyone gets their own food. You can even bring serving dishes to the table for convenience.

#6 Have a combination of hand made and fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers cost but if you expand small arrangements with wild grass, pine cones, berries, and whatever vegetation that you can find free then you'll save.

#7 Daisies and carnations make affordable table arrangements.

There's no need to buy expensive out-of-season flowers because daisies and carnations are always in season and very affordable. They are versatile as well and can be used in any decoration capacity for your wedding.

These are just 7 simple tips for having a satisfying wedding on a budget. Check bridal magazines and the internet and you are sure to find more. Get all the tips you can because it will keep you from starting your married life with a burdensome bill to pay.

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Wedding Favors That Will Keep Your Wedding Costs Down

Most couples would like to keep their wedding costs under control and not enter their new life with a hefty bill to pay. There are many areas that can be whittled down and wedding favors is one of them. You don't have to spend a lot on wedding favors. Here are some ideas for you to ponder.

Reduce the Guest List

This might be difficult but if you have fewer guests then you won't have to buy so many favors. Some have been known to have weddings and ask the guests not to bring children or have specifically stated in the invitation to not bring extra guests—their guests' friends basically.


Specialty candles that you make yourself have always been an affordable way to provide wedding favors. For example, you can buy plain white candles and put them in a clear drinking glass. Then fill the space between the glass and candle with inexpensive decorative beads that you buy from any crafts store. Tie a ribbon around the piece and you have an easy affordable wedding favor.

Something inside a Small Decorative Box

You can take matchboxes or make your own small decorative box from thin cardboard, wrap it with decorative paper, and tie a ribbon around it. Decorate it any way that you like. Put in some candy, tea, scented bath oil, or some other inexpensive trinket and you have another addition to the ideas of affordable wedding favors.

Bead Boxes

This idea for affordable wedding favors combines the previous two ideas of using decorative beads along with a do-it-yourself box. Decorate a matchbox or thin cardboard box with these inexpensive beads and you have another affordable wedding favor.

DIY Centerpiece with Treats

This could be a large glass bowl that you decorate any way you like and fill with treats such as candy or trinkets like heart-shaped key rings. What you fill the bowl with is only limited by your imagination.

You can definitely find more low-cost yet interesting wedding favors by asking your friends, checking bridal publications, and the internet. Reducing expense when it comes to wedding favors goes a long way to keeping the most important day of your life one to cherish and not live with the burden of a hefty bill to pay.

Get the Most from Your Special Day with Cheap Wedding Decorations

There are many facets of a bridal event and decorations for the ceremony and reception area is one of them. Cheap wedding decorations are a way to save on the overall cost of your special day. Here are some ideas for you to ponder and keep from incurring an expensive bill at the end of the day.

#1 Make flowers from tissue.

This is a very inexpensive way to decorate the entire wedding venue and reception area with flowers made from plain tissue paper (tissue paper in squares). There are various ways to do this but the most popular way is to lay several tissue squares out flat, fold the square in 1-inch folds, bend at the center, put in some wire for a stem, staple the tissue to it, and then unfold the petals. This is a quick description of the process but you’ll find more detailed descriptions easily on the internet.

#2 Create decorations from origami.

Origami is another way to make cheap wedding decorations from paper. You can use different colors of paper and make many variations of shapes to include animals. Here again, this is a general description and you can find websites on the internet to give you the details.

#3 Build trellises and grass planters to create a garden wedding.

This one will take a longer lead time but it is a way to realize cheap wedding decorations without investing in expensive plants and flowers. Just get some trellises and grow vines or what are referred to as “climbers” on them. Blooming climbers are even better.

Then, on the wedding day, position these trellises in a desirable arrangement and you have your garden wedding.

#4 Use floating candles as centerpieces.

Buy inexpensive short candles and float them in a clear bowl. Sprinkle in a few rose petals and you have a beautiful table centerpiece. You can vary candle and bowl styles to get the look you want.

#5 String garland with hanging paper decorations.

This is a very simple decoration that can be made from hanging decorative string and hanging shapes of your choosing made from different-colored paper. Hearts are a good shape that is simple to cut out and fit the wedding theme.

#6 Use strips of soft bark to create napkin rings.

Birch bark is nice because it is soft, flexible, and can be cut into long strips. Take the strips and make into rings and you have the perfect affordable wedding decoration.

#7 Create paper wedding mobiles.

This is similar to the garland decoration but it is a hanging mobile that can be designed with all sorts of colored paper.

There are many other ideas for cheap wedding decorations as well. Just browse the bridal magazines and internet and find the right cheap wedding decorations to make your special day an event to remember without looking at a burdensome bill later.


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