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How to Induce a Conversation With Online Dating

Updated on August 31, 2011

How to Induce Conversation with Online Dating

How to Induce Conversation with Online Dating
How to Induce Conversation with Online Dating | Source

How to Induce a Conversation with Online Dating

Inducing a conversation with online dating has drawbacks and advantages especially for the male seeking the women. The reason for the chat to take place is to get through it with enough flirtatious lines to attempt a meeting of the other party. In seduction of the conversation with a female or a male for the reason of meeting can be accomplished by the way a guy words his chat on such sites as and Plenty of Fish; which is a free dating service. The main goal is to chat as little as you can and reap the benefit of a quick meeting. Inducing a long conversation in chat going back and forth, you have just gotten into the friend zone. It’s the comfortable zone for all, and that is why you see the same people in your city looking for months on in. This is a zone in where conversation has taken place for many days and several chats back and forth and why should she meet you when you’re all talked out. There is no meeting that occurs when you string out an online date chat. I will explain in a moment. The truth of these online dating sites is this , there are several guys who do not know how to communicate and flirt, and then ask for the meet. This is the main problem. There are those guys who think if they tell how their whole day went and their past and future lives are going , will run out of things to say and lose the women due to boredom.

You have found several girls you are interested in. How do we fix these conversations so when you want to meet that girl in the picture? The first thing a guy has to do is forget the photo because nine times out of ten she will not look like it. Remember men, she is putting what she thinks is the better picture of her on this online dating site to attract you. Women are not stupid and quite the contrary, very smart and deceitful no matter how honest they are trying to be. The woman that is a player is also on these sites. What does the player women look like, she is the one that has five or six pictures and looks like she just came out of Maxim magazine. She will string you along if she even answers you. These women may also not even exist in real life, could be a models photo of a guy who is playing a joke on you, so don’t waste your time with these women. Go for the girls that look like your best friend’s sister and she may be hot , she will only have a few pictures , usually not real clear photos and not crisp to the eye. These are your real cute ones out there you want a conversation with and to meet up quickly.

To get things moving quickly, a guy must do a few things to react to the situation. The first chat is to make contact with the girl. Tell her something in her profile that you can relate to and make a joke in a nice way about it. The best openers can be found online, but I like the one where you say,” hey!! I want to Marry You!! Oh I am sorry I meant meet you”.  This is a great line to put into your chat with her to make her look at your profile, and hopefully you have this all shaved and trimmed to get her attention. She will respond more likely to off the wall comments that direct her attention to something that involves her within your short chat message. Be unique, not,” Hi”, but” Didn’t I see you at the Cougar lounge in Dallas last month and we laughed and we got split up and I didn’t get your digits in time”, or “either you’re a twin of this girl”, I met is even better. This implies that she is obviously attractive to you and she will want to look at your profile and just glance to see you. You received a response from her by asking her to look at you, she knows your no one she has met, or does she really? You have her guessing, but she will look at your profile.

This opening line in chat, simple and to the point is crucial for opening up the doors to a meet up somewhere. This is where you are headed anyway, or should be. The next three chats should be kept short and to the point and very flirtatious, and not answering all the questions. Keeps her  or him guessing. You want to save some of your stories for when you meet in person.

This may help some guys and girls out in the online conversational inducing with online dating. Keep it simple and sweet and to the point. Always compliment her or him on something they have written in their profile. If you can get through three chats ask for the meet or you will just become another friend to her.

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