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How to Keep Your Girlfriend Interested

Updated on March 16, 2013

Every guy (or girl) wants to keep his girlfriend as happy as can be at all times. Sometimes, being with that girl for so long, it gets a little overwhelming Should you do the same things that made her happy a year ago? What should I get her now? Etc. These questions and more are common with simple answers... I'll show you!

Do the little things that make her feel wanted.

Girls love to see their guy remembering those little things that made you feel happy, loved, and secure. What are those 'little things?' Check out my list below! :

  • Holding her hand in public. Girls love the feeling of walking down the street with her man and feel him grab her hand. It makes us feel like we're wanted, and you're proud.
  • A little kiss on the forehead, cheek, or hand. I'm not quite sure why I love this so much. But say you're just sitting there watching a movie all cuddled up and he gives you a soft kiss on the forehead. It is such an amazing feeling.
  • Hug her tight. That hugging moment why all think about. You've been with this girl for a while. Someone you found so perfect that fit just right. Show her how amazing that fit is. When you hug her, don't just hug her, show her.
  • Remind her how beautiful you think she is. No matter how long you guys have been together, a girl loves to hear her man still interested in her beauty.
  • Still use those cute pet names you did when you first started out. I can't express how amazing it feels to be called baby or babe. But, their are also other names: sweetheart, honey, etc. They are the smallest reminder of why you two fell in love with possibly the biggest impacts.
  • Surprise her. Us girls wait all year for our birthday, Christmas, any holiday to receive that gift. No,not because we're greedy, but because it shows us how much they care. Surprise her with something small every once in a while, just to give her that extra boost she needs to feel confident in the relationship. My advice, definitely flowers. Girls love flowers.
  • Always keep her laughing. Girls love their guy to have that sense of humor that they can always look forward to. Of course there are times when being funny might not be appropriate, but hopefully you can figure that one out! But, for the most part, a healthy relationship needs laughter.

Take her out.

Most girls love the feeling of their man making plans, and not them having to do it all of the time. When my boyfriend says we're going somewhere today or he has a surprise for me, I get so happy and excited! You know what her favorite things and favorite places are, so why not spend time with her doing them? And don't make her feel like money is an issue, even if you both know it is. Make that day about her.

Be a supportive and good listener.

Girls love to share their feelings with there man, that is no secret. The key to her trusting you and opening up to you is the way you communicate back. Don't jump right into your opinion on the subject even if you don't agree. Let her speak. Make sure to show you're paying attention. And after she is done saying everything, suggest what you think is best to help. Don't be to strong on a negative opinion.

I know relationships can be hard, especially being with the one you love for so long because all you want to do is make them feel happy and wanted. Follow any of this advice and I guarantee you it'll make everything easier for the two of you!


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    • Sammi617 profile image

      Samantha 4 years ago from Maryland

      Thank you!

    • janetwrites profile image

      Janet Giessl 4 years ago from Georgia country

      This is a wonderful list every guy should read.

    • Sammi617 profile image

      Samantha 4 years ago from Maryland

      That's adorable :)

    • LucasSeptimus28 profile image

      Lucas Adkins 5 years ago from Athens

      more guys need to read this :P i see dudes treating their girls horribly and i'm ashamed to know them. when me and my girl started dating 3 years ago, i called her my Sweetpea,i still call her that and she loves it :D