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How to Keep Your Relationship Fresh and Exciting

Updated on December 8, 2014

If you want to maintain your relationship with someone you love, you need to be in a steady and healthy relationship. If you and your lover are really in love towards each other, then it would be better if you could maintain your relationship to keep it fresh and always exciting, so that, hopefully your relationship will last longer. Find out how to increase more sparks and make great chemistry between you and your loved one. Think about important things that need to be done to maintain the longevity of your relationship.

Understand Each Other

Maintain good communication and as often as possible is one of the factors that needs to be implemented in order to keep your relationship last longer. When a conflict happens, it is better to resolve and find the solution by communicating with polite and thoughtful attitude towards each other. Try to understand each other and find out what your partner needs, being honest and trust each other are good attitudes to maintain your relationship keeps healthy.

Physical Intimacy: to Strengthen The Relationship Between Each Other

Physical intimacy needs to be maintained between you and your lover. Physical intimacy can increase the sense of love and caring toward each other. Whenever you feel love, you have needs about getting attention and affection in many different ways and forms including to be physically intimate with your loved one. Being physically intimate, it can be started from a small touch. Spend a good time with your lover especially during romantic moments can help to lure the needs of physical intimacy between each other like dancing together, watch a movie together, have a good conversation or play any attractive games together. Take the advantage from these moments by perhaps to cuddle up with your lover, holding hands, giving a sensational kiss, hugging each other, touching each other and even you can walk to the next step further such as doing sexual intercourse if both you and your lover are adults, mature, ready and responsible or even already committed towards each other.

Spend Quality Time Together as Often As Possible

Spend quality time together with your lover as often as possible can also strengthen the affection and connection toward each other. Make a plan. Write about any interesting things you have not done yet with your lover on your notebook, phone organizer, or in any other media that you usually used as a reminders. You can set the special moments and make it happen when you're spending quality time together with your lover; it can be a romantic dinner or a runaway vacation.

Write anything that both of you rarely or never do such as having a vacation, explore new places, take a dance class together, cook special dishes together, and there are still many more things you can think of. You can discuss it with your lover and write it down on your note or tell your lover what you would like to do with them. Spending quality time and doing new things together is great ways to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Give Gifts, Surprises and Compliments towards Each Other

At any given moment, you can give your lover a gift such as when your partner celebrates your partner's birthday. Little kiss can also be regarded as a gift for him/her when they winning little thing after playing a guessing game for example. You can give your lover surprises sometimes, it could be little surprise like visiting her/him at their office during lunch time and ask her/him for lunch together or make a surprise dinner, give a surprise gift and much more. Don’t forget to give your lover compliments as much as you would love to give it to them. Compliments make your lover feel appreciated, feel loved, feel care for and of course this can keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Keep Being Social with Others

When we fall in love, sometimes we forget other things in this world; we feel the world is just belonging to you and your lover. It's okay to feel the euphoria because that means you feel like you already found your soulmates. Always close and be with your lover all the time is good because it means you and your lover loving each other. But keep the pace with your social needs towards others is also necessary as well as being social with our friends. Establish a relationship with your lover's relatives and friends will help to get support from them.

Always Support Each Other during Upside down

Having a relationship with someone that we love cannot not guarantee that your life will always cheerful and happy all the time. Your relationship will not always run smoothly. Although, we want happiness in our relationship. Surely there will be a stumbling block, some struggles, and things that tests the strength of your relationship. During tough times, you have to mutually support each other. Try to always accompany your lover when they need someone to hold on. Take care of them when they sick, consoled them when they feel down. Understand your lover's needs and do it for them unconditionally.


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    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 5 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      @Mhatter99 I'm so happy for you. I hope your happiness will last long. :)

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this. What wor for Arlene and me, was me dating her again.


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