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How to Keep a Woman Interested

Updated on May 17, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer and company director from the UK.

Just How do You Keep a Woman Interested?

I thought long and hard about giving men dating tips. But you get it wrong on so many levels, I feel it's my duty to point you in the right direction. If you want to keep a woman interested, there's a fine line between getting it just right and getting it very, very wrong.

When you first meet a woman, you know, the first date when you don't know much about each other and have no idea what makes each other tick. You fancy her like crazy, you get along like a house on fire, you have loads of stuff in common, she likes Game of Thrones as much as you do, she's everything you want in a woman. You want this to be something, you want to see her again, and again. You're a little bit crazy about her but you really have no idea if she feels the same. She seems to be into you, but how do you know if she really is? You should probably bombard her with compliments, text her at least ten times a day and send her cute pics of your cat right? Because girls love that kind of stuff don't they? NO, no, no!

What a Woman Likes and How to Keep Her Interested Are Two Different Things

If you haven't been together all that long, if you're still at the getting to know each other part, the last thing you should do is any of the above, well not on a regular basis anyway.

Women have choice. These days it's easier for women to take their pick. With all of the dating apps and websites out there, full of men looking for women just like your woman. Don't make it too easy for her. Part of me hates telling you this. I am doing nothing for female solidarity here!

What you are looking for is a balance between keeping her interested and keeping her entertained. I mean, you don't want to be texting her every day at the beginning. You don't want to be distant either. There is such a fine line here because you run the risk of her thinking you aren't interested and ditching you before it's even started.

Keep Texts Fun

Keep your texting fun. Don't go all serious on her. Send her the odd cute text, but not too often. Most women love it when they get a random text. Don't be too predictable.

Text her goodnight every so often. Just those words with a kiss or a heart. Nothing else. This will leave her wanting more. You're letting her know that you're thinking about her, but you're not desperately trying to get her attention or a response. She'll think you're cute and self-assured.

Answer Her Texts

Women don't like being ignored. If she texts you answer her when you get a chance, don't tactically wait a few days hoping to drive her crazy with passion. You won't achieve that. All you'll do is make her cross and she'll think you're not that bothered.

No woman wants to feel like they're less important than the food shop, the pub, the TV....and that's just how she will feel if you keep her waiting too long. Remember, she can just as easily find another. She probably won't even have to look too hard. If you are into her in a big way, then she's desirable. She can probably click her fingers and men come running.

Don't Jump in With Love

Don't say you love her on the fifth date. Even if you are crazy about her and think you love her, the chances are you are infatuated.

She might think, and I say might because we are all different, but in my experience a woman needs to want you to say it. If she's starting to fall for you, she might not be quite there yet. You run the risk of jumping in there too soon.

Even if it's real and you do love her, wait a while longer. Be sure that you are at that point in the relationship. Before saying those words, it's best to be sure that the feelings are reciprocated. Don't blurt it out in the heat of the moment, only to be met with a stunned silence. You'll both feel awkward and you might have scared her off. Even if she likes you a lot, she might be terrified of the L word. She may feel pressured to say it back and that in turn will start to turn her off.

Be Mysterious, Not Distant

Be mysterious. By that I mean, don't give too much away. Keep communication light-hearted. It does a woman no harm to wonder what you're up to. Make sure you back that up with attention though. She also needs to know you ARE actually interested. You just have your own thing going on and that's such a turn on for us.

Face to Face Contact

This is when you're you. Be yourself. Pay her a compliment. Tell her she looks good. Tell her she makes you laugh. Make it clear that you are into her. We need to know that you are worth our time and attention. A little bit of detachment is good. Full on distance is not.

If you text all of the time when you're apart, you will end up saying all of the things you should be saying to her face. You will run out of things to say.

Be present, not virtual.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      22 months ago from Chicago

      Great advice!

      "Don't make it too easy for her. Part of me hates telling you this. I am doing nothing for female solidarity here!" LOL!

      A lot of "nice guys" make the mistake of instantly putting a woman on a pedestal and trying to be Prince Charming or a knight in shining armor. They're shocked to see with a guy who is aloof.

      Coming on with too much attention creeps some women out.

      "Be present, not virtual." - Absolutely!

      I'd rather actually hear someone laugh than to read lol in a text.

      Hiding behind texting delays getting to know someone.

      A cell phone cannot emit chemistry or establish real rapport.

      Most people would prefer a kiss goodnight over a kissing emoji.

      Don't be afraid to get rejected! It saves time and possibly money.

      Even with all the #MeeToo and #TimesUp movement talk most women still want the (man) to do something FIRST to indicate he's interested in something beyond a "platonic relationship".

      What makes dating so difficult is both women and men (assume) their actions and words mean the same thing.

      One key difference between men and women is how they approach dating. Men generally will only ask a woman out who they want to eventually have sex with or possibly establish a romantic union.

      Women on the other hand have been known to agree to go out with guys they have absolutely NO romantic interest in!

      They may have no plans or the proposed activity sounded like it might be more fun than staying at home. At the end of the night when the guy attempts to kiss her she may be offended.

      On the other hand the guy is perplexed because he (assumed) she went out with him because she was "attracted to him". In other words he thought she said yes for the same reasons he asked her out. Both shocked there's no mutual understanding.

      Women need to know if a man asks you out he's usually physically attracted to you and hopes to eventually have sex with you!

      Trust me when I say he did not ask you out because there was money burning a hole in his pocket or he had this need to go out with just any woman. There is a reason he (chose) YOU and not the girl with one eye, crater skin, pigeon toed, and missing front teeth.

      If he just wanted "company" he'd hang out with his male friends!

      Therefore if a woman is NOT romantically interested in a man she should either turn him down for the date or tell him upfront she's willing to go out BUT he should know all this will ever be is platonic!

      The sad truth is some guys having been forewarned will pretend like they're okay with just being her friend while hoping for more!

      He doesn't want her to think he was hoping to have sex with her.

      Nevertheless the woman would have done her part.

      Odds he won't be making any moves to kiss her at the end.


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