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How to Know Someone is Trying to Sabatoge Your Relationship

Updated on December 8, 2014

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Some people will do anything to get it. They want it so badly that they will try to find a way to ruin two people's happiness. Here are signs to look out for when dealing with friends and relationships.

1) They won't hang out with the both of you together. If you and your guy are going to a movie and you invite your friend to come she declines. It is not just once she did it but all the time. It could be that she has feelings for him and is trying to avoid you or both you and him.

2) They will make up rumors. They will claim that they saw him kiss another girl when that never happened.

3) They will make you worry about things when you have nothing to worry about it. If your boyfriend does not call when he says he will they will tell you that he lost interest. If he is sick one day they tell you that he is avoiding you and wants to break up with you. They never tell you not to worry instead they make you worry and begin to make you trust your guy less and less.

4) They will put false ideas in your head. They will make you on edge and if he is busy one day they will say that he is ignoring you. They will tell you that he is lying when he says his phone is broken or something came up.

5) They will make you have self-doubt. You begin to question your relationship and weather or not he lost interest. Everything that your friend tells you makes you panic more and more. You soon develop trust and anxiety issues on what your friend said.

6) They will tell either one of you to break up with each other. Right then and there that is not a friend. Unless the guy is really bad for you, they should not say it. If they call the guy you are with names or make him seem worse than he really is they are trying to make you break up with him. Be careful because if you do they might make a move on him, once you and him are over.

7) They will tell you that the other person is bad for you. They will have no proof that the other person is bad. They will do things for you to make you like your guy less and less. They won't encourage your relationships, instead they will make you feel bad.

8) They will bring news back. If you are mutual friends they will bring news. If you had a fight and are upset they will tell him. If he said something he regrets they will tell you and it will only cause both of you to fight more.

9) They will try to set you or him up with other people. If you are mutual friends and one of you is away they will introduce either of you to new people and make you hang out with the new person behind your significant other's back.

10) They will make you cry whenever the subject of you and your guy comes up. If you and your guy had a fight, instead of cheering you up they will make you cry even more. When things are good with you and your guy they will change it around. They may even say things like "He feels bad for you, that is why he is with you."

11) They will try to make a move on you or him. If your guy friend likes you, he will try to kiss you. If your girl friend likes your guy, she will try to kiss him.

It is very hard to find a true friend. Sometimes it is when you are happy that you finally see a friend's true colors. Sometimes people are only their for us when we are hurt. That is because they want to see us hurt. If someone isn't there for the happy times in your life and are always making you feel bad they are trying to sabotage your relationship. Don't always believe your friends when they tell you "They just want to help you." Sometimes they really do want to hurt you and they want what you have.


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