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How to Know that Your Man has Lost Interest in You

Updated on July 2, 2014

The human heart and mind work in strange ways. We often are fully aware that something is over, that the passion and the romance are no longer there. Yet, we hope for a miracle, wishing that things will miraculously go back to what they used to be.

As a woman, you will certainly know whether your man has lost interest in you. Unlike women, men tend to be quite straightforward. As ladies, we are more capable of concealing our emotions and continuing a relationship through the power of inertia. Men tend to “signal” that they have lost interest in a number of ways.

Though changing your current relationship status will be very difficult, it may be for the better. Alternatively, you will get to work on reviving the love you had and improving the current situation.

Here are some of the most common signs that a man has lost interest in his partner.

Spending Less Time Together

You know that your man is no longer interested when you stop spending time together. The two of you have lost the ability to enjoy joint activities.

Even if you offer spending time together, he accepts the idea reluctantly. He prefers doing things on his own or going out with friends. Your company is no longer the best thing in the world. He seems to be more annoyed than pleased when you have to spend time together.

When the interests of people change, they start perceiving a partner in a new way. Aspects of the relationship that were previously considered pleasing have now turned into sources of boredom.

Changes in Your Intimate Relations

A loss of interest will manifest itself with greatest certainty in your intimate relations.

He no longer enjoys making love to you. In fact, you have difficulties remembering the last time the two of you had sex. When you take the initiative in your hands, he starts acting tired. Love-making has turned into something habitual rather than an exciting way to express your feelings and to please your partner.

When you sense that he seems indifferent and aloof, you need to bring your awareness level up. Talk to him. Find out what is going on and whether your partner’s feelings have changed. He might be losing his sexual desire due to worries and excessive workload but the problem could be more serious than that.

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He Gets Irritated without Obvious Reason

He used to enjoy everything that you said and everything that you did. Now he appears to be excessively nervous and irritable.

When a man loses interest in a partner, his attitude and behavior will change. He will probably become annoyed and angry without any particular reason. He could start quarreling about your setbacks and the differences between the two of you.

Once a man starts picking on details and demonstrating anger over minor issues, you can be certain that his feelings have changed.

No Communication

You suddenly find out that the two of you have nothing to talk about.

Your communication is limited to the exchange of simple sentences about your daily routine and the little, everyday things that the two of you experienced.

Previously this man was your best friend and you could talk for hours. He now seems to be apathetic and lacking the desire to talk to you and to listen to the things that you have to say.

New Interests

His interests suddenly changed. Before, you used to enjoy watching movies together. He know says that this leisure time activity bores him.

A sudden and unexplainable change of interests is another signal that he has lost his passion and feelings for you. He prefers spending time alone, going out and getting involved in individual activities.

You will know instinctively if your man has lost interest. He will appear to be someone new, someone you have never met before. Though experiencing such change of feelings is painful, reacting fast and deciding what to do is essential. It will be better to find out what is going on than to live with someone who no longer holds feelings for you.


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