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How to Know You Found a Keeper

Updated on February 17, 2014

In today's times it is hard to find the right one. Most guys lie and cheat. So how do you know when the guy you are dating is really a good guy and not just a snake in the grass? Here are ways to tell if you found a keeper:

1) He checks in with you every day to see how your day is going.

2) He calls you if he is running late.

3) He is always on time when you have plans with him.

4) He is okay with going slow in a relationship and is willing to wait until you are ready for sex.

5) He calls you by your first name a lot.

6) He looks deeply into your eyes when you talk.

7) He hangs onto every word you say and will bring what you said in prior conversations in future conversations.

8) He doesn't check other girls out in front of you.

9) He wants you to contact him after you see him to let him know you got home safe.

10) He wants to be there for the big moments in your life.

Good guys are hard to find so if you found a guy that does any of this congrats you found a keeper.


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