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How to Know Your Guy Friend is Toxic

Updated on December 8, 2014

It's always good to have a guy friend. They give great guy advice, you could be yourself around them and they are like a brother to you. Sometimes however you may come across a guy friend who does not always have your best interest at heart. Here are signs to look out for:

1) He gives you bad advice. You know that you could get hurt but he encourages you to do it anyway.

2) He will make people use you. If your ex wants a hookup but you want a serious relationship he will tell you to go for the hook up. He will make you settle for less and if he knows someone is out for their benefit he will tell you to go along with it, even if you could get hurt in the end.

3) He will try to get you to change your beliefs and values. He will tell you to rush to have sex with someone even if you do not want to. He claims that there is a time limit with sex (when their really isn't). He tells you that if you do not sleep with a guy within three months that you will be alone forever.

4) He will put you down. He will call you names and make fun of your values and beliefs. He will discourage you from taking any chances on what you really want in life.

5) If he likes you more than a friend, and you do not feel the same way about him he will end the friendship. He will stop contacting you and ignore your messages just because he wants more. He gives you an ultimatum be in a relationship or forget about the friendship.

6) He does not respect you. He makes fun of your beliefs and wants you to change who you are. He calls you names and sometimes will even just want to have a random hook up with you. He will not accept you for who you are but instead he will try to change you into who he wants you to be. He is constantly being mean to you and brings down your self-esteem.

7) When you are upset he makes you feel more upset than you already were. Your boyfriend broke up with you and you are heartbroken. You go to him to talk and all he does is tell you that the guy never loved you anyway. Your boyfriend cancels on you because he is sick. Your guy friend automatically thinks that he is going to break up with you and makes you worry. When you are done speaking with him all you want to do is cry.

8) He puts you down. He calls you name and when you tell him you want to do something he says there is no way you could do it. He is always looking on the bad side of things.

9) He does not have faith in you. You want to write a book he tells you that you cannot do it. You want to go out with a guy, he tells you that the guy you like is out of your league. He discourages you from anything you want to do and will hold you back from experiencing all of the best that life has to offer you.

10) It is always all about him. He never cares about your feelings or your needs. He is greedy and sometimes even mean.

11) He will go against you. He won't worry or care for you. When someone is mean to you he will go on their side.

12) He feels your head with self doubt. Whenever you are done talking to him you start to doubt yourself and what you want can really happen. Pretty soon you have no self esteem and it is all because of him.

Sometimes friendships become more. If you know a guy who is like this, you do not want to be more. A guy friend is supposed to look out for you and be there through thick and thin. He is not supposed to bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself. Find a guy friend who cares for you and wants to see you happy.


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