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Are You Ready for a Relationship

Updated on May 16, 2016
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Happily married to my best friend, personal geek (treakie) and life travel partner. Who has given me the best gift ever our son.

I'm I Ready?

In today's world there are many relationships started and many that come to an end. You may find yourself asking time and again is He/she the right one for me? At times it's easier to blame the other person for a failed relationship. Could it be possible that I'm just not ready for a relationship? Examine yourself and see.

How to Know if You are ready for a Relationship

Things You’ll Need

  • Reflection
  • meditation
  • time
  • pen
  • paper
  • not holding on to past relationships
  • not consumed with envy by others relationships
  • Clear and specific qualities you are searching for in a mate
  • not desperate to be in a relationship just to say I'm in one
  • accept the posibility that the "love of your life" may not be who you would expect
  • No such thing as the "right time" for a relationship.

How to Know if You are ready for a Relationship


Auto Examination

Know yourself first. Ask yourself the following and be honest. What are my strengths? What are my weakness? What are my emotional needs? What are my spiritual needs?

Consider your maturity level. Which of the following traits are most important to you in a mate? Good looking, friendly, popular, funny, spiritually minded, trustworthy, morally upright, goal oriented. They are all good traits to have. The first four as you may or may not see are superficial qualities. To choose only the top four shows that you are not mature enough for a relationship.

As you mature you tend to examine more deeper issues like the last four traits. As you mature, not just anyone who asks to know you better will do. You will be more inclined to be with someone that truly fits your personality and your goals in life. Do you tend to look for things in common? It is nice to have things in common. Yet, it will reveal more if you note what happens when you do disagree. How does he/she handle conflict? Does he/she have fits of anger or abusive speech?

Look from a far
Look from a far

How to Know if You are ready for a Relationship

Go for it!!
Go for it!!

Examine Your Prospect

Before you get involved, observe this person from afar in his dealings with others. Write down what you find. It would be wise to find answers to the following questions. How does he/she handle any authority he/she may have? What are his/her goals in life? Is he/she working now towards those goals? How is his/her relationship with his family? Who are his/her friends? What does he/she often talk about? What are his/her attitude towards money? What kind of entertainmentdoes he/she like? Is he/she a spiritual person? Is he/she industrious? Is he/she financially responsible? Does he/she have a good reputation? Is he/she considerate of others? Does he/she get angry often? Is he/she involved in sexual misconduct? Is he/she abusive physically or verbally? Does he/she need alcohol to have a good time? Is he/she jealous and self-centered? If you find it difficult to give honest answers to these questions, or you just not happy with the answers, you may be better off not getting involved in the first place.

How to Know if You are ready for a Relationship


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