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How to Let Someone Down Easy

Updated on March 21, 2011

Do it Without hurting Someone's Feelings, Or maybe you dont have a choice

Do you have that pesky man,woman,girl or boy following you around all the time? You're wishing they would stop but being the friendly person you are, you'll still conversate with them accidentally giving them the idea that its acceptable. Truth be told its not acceptable with you, you have no interest in this person as a partner or really a friend. Should it bother you if you were to just be truthful by telling them to simply get lost? It shouldn't bother you but if you're anything like me it definitely would because you'd be wondering what kind of person are you for doing this.

I used to have this guy that followed me around all the time, i think his name was Randy. I met him in school where we clicked instantly or so i thought. After about a week Randy would just simply follow me for no reason kinda like a pet, if i was going to the bookstore there he was, the restaurant there he was. It got really uncomfortable after a while, he did this so much that people thought we were a couple. Not knowing how to deal i figured if i didn't say anything the problem would just fade away,how wrong i was to see that it wasn't fading as quickly as i had expected. Soon after i started dating someone with Randy still in the picture more like stalking me. Randy told me that i had led him on, i couldn't believe it. Randy's pesty ways did eventually turn into stalking ending with a restraining order and my new found relationship ending. Could i have prevented this? Of course it all would've been prevented if i had just let Randy down easy. I never let this situation happen again ever, i just thought that men and women could be friends without being in a relationship or wanting to.

Ways to let someone down easy

1. If the person seems desperate for attention, get them interested in someone else

2. Tell them that you don't really have time for friends or they are making you uncomfortable

3. Avoid situations where you constantly run into them

4. Don't smile or conversate with someone you have no interest in

The reason for number one is because if the person seems desperate for attention its almost an immediate danger situation. You are not passing on the danger to someone else but getting it away from yourself, others will not be as kind as you so the person will eventually get the point that they need self improvement in their lives.

The reason for number two is that they wont think of you in a bad way if you don't have time for friends, they will see that you are busy or might spot that they've become a problem for you.

The third reason is by avoiding the contact the person will know that you have a life of your own that does not include them, they will feel you have different interest or may lose interest in you altogether by feeling you have nothing in common.

The fourth is just plain out mean but necessary, never smile or conversate, this is the biggest lead on of all time even if you don't realize you're doing it.

But as we all know there are just some people who even if you were to throw them through a ring of fire that still wouldn't get the point that you are uninterested in them, maybe they would follow you if you left town.  Such is the case with "baby mama drama" created by women who have lost a relationship but have children with the person they are still pursuing. These women will use the children as a bait whenever the men enter into a new relationship which will in turn cause problems throughout the new relationship if the lady in his life does not know how to handle the situation correctly.  The new woman in his life would first have to realize that there is nothing her man is doing to cause the actions of his ex, he is not leading her on, or is he? If he is still trying to maintain a friendship with his ex then that is the first mistake he is making because it gives her the impression that there might be a chance. He should in this situation never try to maintain a friendship with the ex he know is still pursuing him and all they should have to speak on is situations involving the children.


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