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How to Lift Your Head Up After Rejection

Updated on September 9, 2010
Keep Your Head Up
Keep Your Head Up


We think that we have failed when we’ve been rejected. Weather it is rejections from a spouse, friend or even a parent, it’s heartbreaking. This is a person you really loved and regarded as someone close to you that would always be a part of you. Someone who loved and protected you and you trusted with everything you owned. You thought they loved you unconditionally. You tried to make it work; you tried to do everything to make this person love you and want you to be with them. It’s really not your fault and you can keep your head up. You played a wonderful part in their life, it’s their fault they can’t accept all the love you had for them. Understand people change even when you remain the same. You have given them the same love you’ve always given. You were as loyal as you have always been. So, don’t ever blame yourself. You are still a perfect friend, sibling, spouse and child. You are definitely not the blame. Blame is for an offender and that does not describe the type of person you are or have been.


Keep your head up and keep moving forward. There are so many people out there that would love to share the kind of love you have to offer. That person that is actually the offender and would love to make you feel like you are the blame, don’t give them the satisfaction. Let that one keep the guilt they are trying to pass onto you. No one likes to blame themselves for the hurt and disappointment they cause others. However, don’t hold it, let it go and let the one at fault keep it. If your spouse wants out and you have done all you can, know it’s not your fault. You can’t make someone love you or stay if they don’t want to it has to be in their heart. Sometimes we can’t change someone else’s heart. Continue the love you had and stop blaming yourself, keep your head up.


Remember not all people get it right the first time, sometimes it takes one or even two times to get it right and then there are those who the third times a charm. It’s not your failures you should keep count of. Take note of how many times you didn’t make the same error and be proud that you have been able to move forward from your errors. Everyone makes errors in life, some worse than others, but, don’t look back. Look at it as another lesson learned and know some errors we couldn’t possibly see coming our way, but they do happen. Take the good memories and lessons learned and tuck those away in your heart. Keep the feelings of warmth, protection and security with you as a reminder of what you want to find again. Those special fond memories will help you in times of hardship to maybe even put a smile on your face. Remember the person may not be there anymore but fond memories can be tucked away and kept.


So let it go and move forward, find those fond memories that you yearn for again. Trust me they are out there and someone would love the opportunity to share them with you. Keep your head up, you’ll be fine!


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    • padmendra profile image

      PADMENDRA S R 7 years ago from DELHI/NCR

      A heart touching hub. Nowadays people and even our own family members give preference to their self interest or money. They have forgotten the family values and importance of a person who has done a lot for them.The pain of this kind as discussed by the author right here is really hard. The advice and comments offered by her will give some respite and hope to the affected people . May it not happen to anyone else. Thanks