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How to Make Her Friends Like You

Updated on May 31, 2009

If you've got a girlfriend, or a woman you'd like to make your girlfriend, you really ought to make an effort to make nice with her friends, and I will tell you why: While most women are big girls and don't date/break up with men based on the opinions of their friends -- the moment you're in the doghouse, they will call their friends up and seek out their advice. If these friends love you, they will temper her tantrum and offer fair and objective advice. If, however, they loathe you -- you can probably guess how catty two women can get when discussing a male whom neither likes at that particular moment. Therefore, it's in your own best interest to stay on the good side of these women (or men), just in case.

1. Treat them well.

Treat the friends of your woman like would your own sister or brother -- assuming you get on with said siblings. Be relaxed, laid back and friendly, but do not suck up to them, as they will see right though that and wonder what you're up to. You want her friends to think you're a good guy, so do your best to play the part. Be courteous and respectful and they will think you're top class. If it's easier to relate, you can also treat them like one of the guys in most cases.

2. Get to know them.

Ask them about their own boyfriends (or girlfriends), husbands or children, and make sure you at least sound genuinely interested. You want them to think you're a deep person who cares about more than just himself, and caring about your woman's friends demonstrates this to some degree. Remember their names; remember their boyfriend's names. You needn't remember their birthdays, but do remember them!

3. Keep your blinkers on.

Do not, for any reason, let your woman's friends see you checking out another woman. Believe me, this could have adverse effects on your relationship as, the moment you screw up, your girlfriend will be informed of all the hotties you checked out when she wasn't looking. You want her friends to think you've only got eyes for you (which, hopefully, is true) and they will always be on the lookout for these things in the name of protecting their friend.

4. Never say anything unflattering about your woman.

Never, NEVER say something unflattering about your woman while in the presence of her friends as they will most likely become highly defensive. (This isn't always true, especially if said with humor, but you'd be well-advised to assume it is, just in case.) Just to be clear, unflattering comments include anything that sounds like criticism. Also worth noting that saying something unflattering to your woman in front of her friends could also land you on the couch.

5. Do not flirt with your woman's friends.

Even if they seem to like it. Don't do it, because your woman won't. She might laugh on the outside, but she will not be pleased on the inside unless she's the poly sort -- which most of us aren't. Not to mention this could seriously come back to haunt you if you ever get caught flirting with someone else -- her friends will be quick to mention the flirting you did with them, and they will be sure to exclude the part about having liked it!


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      Pratibha 5 years ago

      you're awesome ! i am a fan now !