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How to Make Her Mom Like You

Updated on May 31, 2009

In some cases, a woman's mother has a lot of influence over her love life (who she should date and who she should avoid), but in most cases, women don't pay too much attention to Mom's opinions. This is very good news for most men, as few are ever good enough for a mummy's little girl -- but there are times when Mummy's opinions do matter; namely, when you're visiting the in-laws. Therefore, it's in your best interest to keep the future/mother-in-law happy (and therefore quiet) during these visits. The following tips for making her mother like you should help you do just that.

1. Don't be slick.

Mum might be close to retiring, but she hasn't forgotten what it was like to be young, single and free to mingle. If you come across as too charming, she's going to wonder who else you're getting charming with when her daughter's not around. You want to treat this woman like she's your own mother whenever possible. Would you want your own mum to think you were a player? No, and you don't want your girlfriend's mum to think so, either.

2. Call her whatever she wants you to call her.

Do not be one of these guys who meets the girlfriend's mum and starts out with "Hi, Mum!" unless you are sure she wants to be called that. Some mother's are not keen to hear another person call them this, so be aware of her preference in advance. Ask your girlfriend to find out for you, and then stick to that unless her mum says otherwise later. If you end up meeting her mother unexpectedly somewhere and you don't want to seem rude by asking, simply call her Mrs. So-and-So until she tells you what she prefers -- if she wants to be called Mum, or if she wants to be called by her first name, she'll tell you.

3. Be respectful.

Always treat your woman's mother with respect, even if she's not the most respectable of women. If you visit her at her home, help clean up after dinner. Offer to get her a drink if she's busy doing something. Don't put your shoes on the furniture and make sure you clean up after yourself. In other words, a good guest. Not only will this get you points with mum, it will get you big points with your woman. This doesn't mean you have to agree with everything mum says or do everything she wants; it just means that you should communicate with her in a respectful manner, especially when disagreeing since we all know mummy is always right. If mummy thinks you treat her well, she'll think you treat her daughter well, too.

4. Do something manly for her.

Mow the lawn, take the trash out, fix that squeaky door -- and do it before she asks for your help. This will forever endear you to mummy, and it will also make her think her daughter's dating a knight in shining armor. Even dad will be appreciative of your getting tasks done that she's been nagging him about for ages. Do keep in mind, however, that your woman may have a lot to say if you do these things for her mum, but not for her!

5. Know when her birthday is and send your own greeting.

If your girlfriend sends her a proper birthday card, you can just sign that one as well and that's enough. But few people do this anymore; e-cards are where it's at these days. If your woman sends her mum an e-card for her birthday and signs your name to it, you can win her mum over by sending a short text greeting. "Happy Birthday, Mum!" will suffice in most cases, you don't need to overdo it. Also be aware that if you always remember mummy's birthday, you had better always remember the girlfriend's!


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      Rohit 7 years ago

      ya its great advice .i have learnt lot of ..........thanx buddy for this