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How to Make Out With a Girl? 3 Sizzling Steps to Fire-Up the Night

Updated on November 9, 2009

Getting a little naughty with a girl can be totally exciting and fun --- and more often than not, guarantees you getting laid tonight. Now before you start getting all that stimulation on gear, there are a few things you should remember on how to make it right. You don't want your date getting all the wrong idea, right? Below are the three sizzling steps on how to make-out with a girl.

Create the mood. The art of seduction is all about style --- hoping to make-out with a girl is all about the mood. There are a million ways for you to create the right mood --- dim lights, soft music, invigorating scent, comfort, and soothing ambiance --- make it perfect by setting it all up. And don't forget engaging her in a light, relaxing conversation. Women want to be mentally stimulated first.

Initiate intimacy. Hold her hand, caress her back, kiss her neck, offer her a massage --- it's also all about the intimacy if you want to start making out. As men, we're expected to do the first move and risk all --- but don't you know that women can get pretty disappointed as well if you just sit still for the rest of the night? Get some action. Now.

Keep the sexual tension rising.Maintain eye contact and flirt. Both of you should reach a certain level of comfort and intimacy to get some things done --- and start making out. Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds. Remain connected and focused on her and she'll sooner or later sense the urgency in your actions.

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